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five ways societyM helps you have a better meeting

Meetings. We know what you’re picturing: harsh strip-lighting, weak coffee and dodgy internet cutting out every five minutes. But they don’t have to be that way. Our societyM meeting rooms are the antidote to all your office nightmares: stylish, functional spaces that help spark your next big idea. We know it’s the little things that count, so we’ve decked out all our meeting rooms with killer features such as superfast wifi and wipe-clean walls that will get the creative juices flowing.

1.meet in style

Trying to impress a new client or pitching to a big investor? The last thing you want is a drab, soulless boardroom that screams 1987. It’s about making the right first impression, and our societyM meeting rooms do just that. There’s not a lumpy office chair or generic city shot in sight. No, our meeting rooms are decked out with stylish yet oh-so-ergonomic Vitra furniture and on the walls you’ll find actual art. You know, the kind that inspires and makes you think. These are chic, considered spaces: talking shop never felt so good.

2.eat your heart out

It’s hard to think when you’re hungry and mortifying when your tummy starts to rumble mid-presentation. But, when you meet at societyM, there’s really no need to go without. Our catering packages satisfy every need: whether you fancy granola and baked goods for brekkie or salads and sandwiches for lunch, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even hook you up with post-meeting wine and beer, if you want to loosen up once you’re done with all that business. Oh, and we almost forgot: at societyM, tea and coffee are always on the house.


If you’re anything like us, our pens just have a habit of disappearing. That’s why, when you use the societyM meeting rooms, tea and coffee aren’t the only things on the house. We’ve got all your stationery needs sorted too: from pens and post-it notes to mini notebooks and markers. The days of sheepishly making notes on your phone are long gone. And, if it’s time for a brainstorm, our wipe-clean walls are just the ticket. You can grab a chalk or wipe-board pen and scrawl to your heart’s content: sharing that great idea just got a little easier.

4.plug in and play

Sure, free coffee and stationery are great, but what really counts is that a meeting room works. That’s why ours are fitted with plenty of tech, none of which will cost you a penny extra. Present on Smart TVs, crank up the air-con if you get hot under the collar, and enjoy our faster-than-Usain Bolt wifi – forget Skyping with a pixelated blob. And even if you’re a self-confessed luddite, our tech-savvy ambassadors are on hand to help. That’s the way we think meeting rooms should be: there are no hidden costs, just plug in and away you go.

5.move it around

We get it – not all meetings are the same. At societyM, we want to make sure our meeting rooms work for you, and we’re prepared to shift things around to make sure everything’s just right. Most of our rooms rock that ‘boardroom’ look – think The Apprentice, only stylish (and without Donald Trump, thank God) – but we also have spaces with a theatre-style setup, ideal for private concerts or movie screenings. You can re-jig our rooms to make them more suitable for press events or product launches, or take everything out and host your own yoga workshop. Now that’s what we call citizenZen.