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    Why is Boston famous?

    How long do you have? Boston has been at the centre of so many American historical events, it's hard to keep track - Boston is where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, it had the first university - Harvard, you might have heard of it - and the Boston Tea Party (one of the major events that led to the American Revolution). It is also the home of the first organ transplant and the first police force in the US. Nowadays, Boston is more famous for its delicious baked beans, Boston cream pie and the bar from Cheers.

    Where is the best pizza in Boston?

    It just so happens that one of the best pizza places in Boston is right around the corner from citizenM Boston North Station hotel. What are the chances? Nip around the block to Regina Pizzeria (it's a 7-minute walk) for iconic pizza served since 1926. Or, if you're just off your flight at Boston Logan Airport and your pizza craving won't wait, Santarpio's Pizza on Chelsea Street is the one. It has been tried and tested by most Bostonians as a last taste of home before they catch their plane.

    Is Boston famous for seafood?

    Oysters, lobsters, clams - you name it, the East-coast seafood scene has it. If you're looking for the best seafood restaurants in Boston, hop in a cab over to Back Bay East and in less than 10 minutes you'll be Saltie Girl. For the perfect Prosecco and oyster pairing - go a little further south to B&G Oysters. This local favourite flexes its mussels more traditional dishes and plenty of lobster rolls to satisfy your desires.

    How do I see the Red Sox in Boston?

    Keep an eye on the Boston Red Sox schedule on the MLB website. The world-famous baseball team is often at home so bag your seat at Fenway Park on Jersey Street, Boston, to say "Let's go!"

    What are the best restaurants in Boston?

    Boston's High Street Place food hall has everything (fancy) from seafood and raw bars to decadent champagne and cocktail bars. Splash out in this modern, airy eatery - there's a whole lot to try. For the best ramen in Boston - Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Back Bay. This minimalist Japanese restaurant always hits the spot with hearty, warming dishes with traditional flavours. But if it's incredible atmosphere you're after - try City Winery Boston. Go Mediterranean with homemade wine pairings (yes, there's a winery on site) and laugh until your socks pop off at this intimate live events venue.

    Can I go into Boston Public Library?

    Yes! As the first public library in the whole of the US, this is a library you'll want to stick your nose into. Boston's Central Library on Boston's Boylston Street (a 17-minute subway ride from citizenM Boston North Station hotel) has classical architecture that will leave you stunned - even if books aren't your bag. Take a stroll through the 1848 reading room with its high ceilings and photogenic bookshelves.

    Where can I get Boston cream pie?

    Rumoured to go back to 1856, this dessert dish is an absolute Boston classic. Get yours at the cake's original birthplace - Omni Parker House in Downtown Boston. Get a touch of old-world opulence as you tuck in. Or grab your pie on the go - under a 10-minute walk from citizenM, Flour Bakery + Cafe on Cambridge Street has Boston cream pie so soft and light, you'll be queuing out the door.

    Where are the best places to shop in Boston?

    For everyday fashion - CambridgeSide. Just across the Craigie Drawbridge, you'll find everything you need to top up your outfits at this huge indoor mall. Or maybe you want unique boutiques - Newbury Street, Boston. The beautiful brownstone buildings are home to New England style, world-class eateries and a touch of elegance in the Back Bay neighbourhood of West Boston.

    What is the weather like in Boston?

    Boston summers can get very warm with an average of +28C, with winter temperatures dropping down to around -5C. Expect snow from late October to early March.

    What are the top things to do in Boston?
    1. Visit in autumn to catch those golden East-Coast colours.
    2. See a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.
    3. Walk the Freedom Trail starting at Boston Common.
    4. Take a stroll around Boston Public Garden.
    5. Take in the historic sights of North End - Boston's Little Italy.
    Where can I see the best views in Boston?

    Get yourself to the top of the Bunker Hill monument for stunning views of the Boston skyline. Take the 294 steps to the top for a look-out point that doesn't disappoint. Or if you fancy your sunsets with a glass of something sparkly, head to Rooftop@Revere in the Theater District. This lively bar is a sought-after spot for sunshine views and photo opportunities.

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