terms & conditions – up to 20% off for members

Check out the do's, don'ts, and heck-no's below.

● To receive up to 20% off, book before 31 October 2019.
● Rooms are subject to availability. The 20% off offer may be discontinued without notice.
● To enjoy the discount, you must become a citizen (member) and book through our website. Just join while you book.
● The discount may vary from 10% off up to 20% off. This depends on the day and the property’s availability.
● After the 20% off promotion ends, all citizens (members) will continue to receive at least 10% off (the citizens rate).
● To see the discount, log into the website.
● Once you confirm the booking with the 20% discount, dates can't be changed and prices are non-refundable.
● Our beds are huge, but we only allow 2 people per room.
● You may book up to 10 rooms with this offer. If you need over 10 rooms, different rates and conditions will apply.