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citizenM way

our vision

We want to infuence positive change in a world where we are simply guests.

from vision to reality – 4 pillars

intelligent & sustainable buildings

We're future-proofing our buildings for a healthier, greener, more resilient future.

growing & operating sustainably

We're optimising our operations to reduce our impact.

doing the right thing for our people

We're empowering our people to become highly fulfilled and self-aware.

making positive movements in our society

We're shortening the distance between people and opportunities.

intelligent & sustainable buildings
intelligent & sustainable buildings

how we build

We require our hotels to achieve BREEAM-NC Excellent or LEED-BD+C Gold accreditation, with a goal of Outstanding or Platinum rating, respectively. With redevelopments or existing buildings, we aim to achieve Very Good or Silver ratings, respectively.

growing & operating sustainably
growing & operating sustainably

water, energy, food & plastic

Mini shower gels? Too small for real people, too big a problem for the planet. Since 2008 (and our first hotel) we've been using full-size, refillable shower gels and hand soaps. Small change, big impact. Read on for more examples.

optimising operations to reduce our impact

first header about water

We actively monitor the water we use in each hotel through smart meters, which allows us to measure the changes we make through our conservation features.

doing the right thing for our people
doing the right thing for our people

we are all citizens here

citizenM hotels are filled with wonderful people - everyone who stays and works with us. We want you all to feel safe, healthy and happy anytime you come through our door, anywhere from Amsterdam and Boston to Taipei and Zurich.

our people - guests, employees, contractors

first header about our employees

The business of hospitality is about people - ALL people. On the front line of citizenM are our employees, the faces and smiles of our hotels.

making positive movements in our society
making positive movements in our society

real caring in action

As a global company, we know we have the ability to be a force for good by using our platforms to give back to society. Real caring is a core value at citizenM, and it doesn't just stop at our doors.

our charity - citizenMovement Foundation

giving the gift of mobility

We thought about what really makes us who we are – and the thing that defines citizenM is motion. We never stop planning, dreaming and discovering. It’s even in our name – citizenM stands for ‘citizen mobile’. From here, it was only a short jump to calling our charity The citizenMovement Foundation.

ESG report

Click the button for our report and policies. Questions? Get in touch via