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At societyM

We’ve heard that regular meeting rooms charge you for every single cable, use of the Smart TV’s, and even Wi-Fi. That’s just not how we roll. At societyM's meeting and conference facilities you can just turn up, plug in, and play! And if there’s anything you can’t find – or don’t know how to work – our tech-savvy ambassadors are happy to lend a hand. 

  • ergonomic designer furniture by Vitra
  • Smart TV 
  • Pens, paper, mini notebooks, post-its, markers
  • chalk & whiteboard walls 
  • free coffee, tea and water 
  • free Wi-Fi 

societyM meeting rooms

Welcome to societyM! Creative meeting spaces and rooms that you'll find in almost all citizenM hotels, perfect for that work retreat, cross-country brainstorm, or international sales meeting. Meeting space for small groups or big business, with all the comfy Vitra furniture. Hotel rooms are conveniently attached for recharging. 

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Your meeting

Whatever type of meeting you’re looking to host, we have the means to accommodate. From full-on product launches to small business meetings, we’ll make sure yours is one for the books. Most of our creative spaces and meeting rooms are set up in board room style but some locations also offer a theater style setup, perfect for screenings and private concerts. Below you’ll find examples of the kind of meetings we can accommodate:

  • trainings & workshops
  • networking & press events
  • book & product launches
  • heck...even movie nights or yoga!

For special requests, contact us societyM@citizenM.com