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societyM Meeting rooms

societyM Rotterdam

creative Rotterdam meeting rooms

It’s time to put that Rotterdam mentality into practice. Big meetings rooms and big personalities will get on just fine at societyM, but small ideas have room to grow just the same. We’ve got all the luxury you need, including really comfy chairs.

explore societyM Rotterdam

societyM Paris Gare de Lyon

creative Paris meeting rooms

If your ideal workspace looks like it should be featured in a magazine, feels as cosy as your living room, and features as much technology as your local electronic megastore, societyM will satisfy your needs. Comfy furniture and all-day refreshments are just there to close the deal. Explore societyM Gare de Lyon.

explore societyM Paris Gare de Lyon

societyM Paris La Defense

creative Paris meeting rooms

Forget all the boring, white-walled meeting spaces at La Défense, societyM is here and we’re breaking with tradition. Opposite the U Arena, overlooking the Grande Arche, and among Paris’ most shiny HQs, we’ve found your new favourite place to meet, brainstorm, and wow your team. First impressions count.

explore societyM Paris La Defense

societyM Schiphol Airport

creative Schiphol Airport meeting rooms

meetings happen. But even so, who said it had to be boring? Whether you need to hideaway with a new idea and scribble on the walls, have a brainstorm with a free coffee, fast Wifi or just draw on the walls...

explore societyM Schiphol Airport

societyM Tower of London

creative London meeting rooms

you won’t find a single white wall in our meeting rooms – except for ones that you can draw on to your heart’s content instead, we’ve got blackboard walls, glass walls giving you the best views of the City , and walls featuring inspiring design, our Wi-Fi is fast, coffee free, and our tech is savvy.

explore societyM Tower of London

societyM London Bankside

creative London meeting rooms

it’s time to impress your colleagues, potential clients or investors with a space invented for inspirational meetings.

the kind where you can dream big while looking at interesting objects and contemporary art, the kind where you can let your inner kid run wild and draw on the walls, literally.

explore societyM London Bankside

societyM Glasgow

creative Glasgow meeting rooms

there’s nothing inspirational about blank walls and stale coffee..

our societyM meeting rooms break from tradition. We thought of everything necessary to keep your creative juices flowing: innovative design, plush Vitra furniture, high tech features, and progressive art … heck, we even have wipe-free walls.

explore societyM Glasgow

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