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Unlike many traditional hotel magazines, citizenMag is written and curated by ’citizens’ from all over the world, revealing their personal opinions and unique stories to the public. Together, they represent the modern day travellers.
The magazine aims to inspire, make the readers broaden their perspective and fuel the desire to travel to cities around the world.
This personal approach makes citizenMag unique in every way.
Rather than gathering content from press releases and search engines, our magazine reveals unique, user generated stories and the type of insider info you would normally only get from your closest friends.
citizenMag aims to become your best friend, providing you with relevant and personal information and stories. Imagine you’ve never been to New York, yet your friend is there to take you by the hand and lead you behind the curtains of ’Tourist New York’ into the real city. That one bar designed by Rem Koolhaas, that small comedy theatre in Brooklyn where Dave Chapelle performs next Saturday, that bookstore where all photography books are half priced for some reason. Approachable, relevant and inspiring.
citizenMag is the essential guide for the modern traveller, crammed full of all the best and latest city picks and urban lifestyle tips. Where to go, what to see, do, photograph, eat, drink and wear. As well as stories, books and music. All designed to inspire citizens everywhere to explore and enjoy life in their city.  
(citizenMag is more than a city guide it is an online resource for the urban lifestyle.. inspiration, thoughts, a peek inside the life & experiences of the contributors..  we aim to inspire, create un umfeld for citizenM.. not only with city tips but also in lifestyle)

citizenMag is written and curated entirely by the very people who know their city the best. The local citizens themselves. Those in the know about the coolest, most interesting and best kept secrets their city has to offer. Making citizenMag jam packed with tips and friendly advice on where to find the truest and bestest local vibe.
These contributors, or ‘local heroes’ as we like to call them come from all kinds of backgrounds including singer-songwriters, photographers, designers, event managers and business gurus. Local citizens who know their stuff, know their cities and are authorities in their fields.
All citizenMag contributors are ’’In the Know & On the Go’’ – they are the cool people who ’own’ their cities, and they’re willing to share it with those who’ll appreciate the gems that are scattered and gathered around the world.

citizenM says:
our fellow contributors are always in the know and on the go

The goal of our magazine is to be relevant and inspiring at all times, and therefore the content must live up to this as well! To keep everything easy breezy, we created the following pillars:

These short articles are about inspiring places our contributors have been or will / want to go to in the future. Places can involve almost anything: from architecture to bistros, from that awesome bench in the park to the newest club in the underground scene.  
We have an Event page for every city added to our magazine. This means you can write about upcoming events in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rotterdam, New York or Glasgow. Make it short and inspiring at all times!
We also have an Event calendar for all cities.
The pillar People will bring the personality into citizenMag. Our personal contributor pages are also a part of this pillar. In addition, it will showcase inspiring people in the cities citizenM is located in. People like the barista you can fall in love with in Paris or the jazz musician in New York…
What would a magazine be without inspiring, poetic and personal editorials..
We have a new theme every three months. Within this theme, contributors are free to write about anything you want to talk about. It can be a slam dunk rap or a lyric you thought of while in the shower last weekend. We look at the editorials as a place for you guys to shine! So shine and blow us away with your crazy thoughts.