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citizenM Bed


All our rooms are designed with a comfortable kingsize bed of 2 by 2mtr, you can almost get lost in here! No twin beds or extra beds available, we need the space for other unique items!

Kingsize bed
The citizenM bed is a gigantic 2 metres by 2 metres with the finest luxurious Italian linen and pillows fluffier than a baby duckling and is ideal for sharing or enjoying all by yourself. But only 2 citizens max allowed per room, so sorry - no parties.

Twin or extra beds
We don't offer rooms with twin beds, nor extra beds. The citizenM bed is from wall to wall and with all other unique items there is simply no room for it!

The citizenM pillows are not available for sale. However, you can find similar quality at, in Dutch language only (Eclair Hoofdkussen micro de luxe, 100% Perkal Cotton).