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Pay for room

Pay for your room
You want to know when and how to pay for your room? It's all up to you!

Online payment
When booking on the website, your credit card details will be asked to guarantee your room. After the booking is confirmed, you will get the option to pre-pay for your booking. This is not required, you can ignore the email and pay during check-in.

At check-in, payment can be made with a debit/credit card (cc fee of € 2.50) or Maestro debit card. Cash payments are not accepted.
Pre-paying online saves time and, moreover, you avoid the € 2.50 cc fee charged by the credit card companies.
citizenM New York Times Square does not accept Maestro debit cards at check-in.

You can prepay in the following ways:
When creating your booking on our website, you will receive the option to pay for your booking after confirming your stay.You will get the option to securely pay online with the button 'Prepay'. You will be directed to a secure payment environment to arrange the payment.

If you have made your booking on our website or through another channel, you can prepay your stay via the 'my bookings’ tab on the website.
Enter your booking number and the last name of the guest to retrieve the booking.You will then find the button 'Prepay' to safely prepay online.

Via my booking you are able to prepay the booking until check-in. Once the guest is checked in, prepayment is no longer possible. 

See the video below for a short demo on how to easily arrange your prepayment

There are 4 simple steps to prepay for the room if you are not a video lover or if your data is limited being a mobile citizen!:

*login via 'my booking' by using the last name of the guest and confirmation number or simply login here. 


*Click on the green button prepay. You can find the amount to pay on the left side under 'Payment'.


*Fill if needed an allowance, the total booking amount is already pre-filled. Press 'Continue' afterwards.


Final step, fill your credit card details on this secured page and pre-pay the booking via the green button 'Pay' 


A payment confirmation will be sent to your email address when payment is confirmed. 

Let us know if you have any question left!