您猜對了!阿姆斯特丹爾運河 citizenM 酒店、阿姆斯特丹南 citizenM 酒店和鹿特丹 citizenM 酒店為客人提供免費自行車。只有幾條需遵循的簡單規定:

    - 每位賓客僅可租 1 輛自行車,每間房間最多可租 2 輛

    - 自行車按照「先到先得」的原則供應,請在到店後立即詢問

    - 我們免費出租自行車,但將收取 100 歐元押金;若無車輛失竊或受損的情況,我們會退還押金

    - 所有自行車必須在午夜前歸還

    - 我們將請您簽署一份租車協議

    - 如果我們的自行車已全部租出,您可以向酒店客服大使查詢當地優秀的租車點

    you have questions, we have answers

    What is the best way to see Amsterdam?

    You'll notice one thing as soon as you arrive in Amsterdam - bicycles, bicycles everywhere. They're the best (and the right) way to see the city. citizenM Amstel Amsterdam and citizenM Amsterdam South hotels have free bike rental for guests on a first-come-first-served basis. Speak to a citizenM ambassador to hire your bike. If none are available, ask for a bike rental recommendation.

    What are the best bars in Amsterdam?

    Fall into a hidden underworld of smoky cocktails and old curiosities at Hiding in Plain Sight. You'll feel transported back to 1925. Or if you're into something a bit more down to earth, Bar Bukowski near Oosterpark serves burgers, baguettes and flammkuchen, and has a terrace for sipping down-and-dirty cocktails. But for something that will freeze your mind, try Icebar Amsterdam where everything from the walls to the glasses is made out of ice. This has got to be the coolest place in town.

    Where are the best coffee shops in Amsterdam?

    Are you looking for coffee, or for a legal high? It's important to know the difference - a 'cafe' or 'coffee house' is where you drink coffee, tea, chomp on a croissant or a toastie. A 'coffee shop' is where you can purchase a small quantity of soft drugs for personal use, usually on the premises only. It's hard to say which ones are best - of either kind - but if it's actual coffee you are looking for, it's hard to go wrong in any cafe. Probably only supermarket coffee will disappoint you in Amsterdam.

    What are the best restaurants in Amsterdam?

    What do you fancy? There's something for every foodie here. For the ultimate in Mediterranean excellence, go for De Kas. This elegant garden conservatory in Park Frankendael serves dishes made from organic ingredients grown on-site with food that makes you feel as good as it tastes. For the best burgers in Amsterdam, Cannibale Royale. Don't worry, it's not what you think! The Amsterdam chain has finger-licking food for you in three locations across the city (their Ruysdael branch is just a 15-minute Metro ride from citizenM Amsterdam South hotel). Or why not go for fine dining at Amsterdam's most romantic restaurant. The White Room pairs global tasting menus with spectacular wine, all served in an elegant 1800s dining room.

    What are the best things to do in Amsterdam?
    1. Take a wander around beautiful Vondelpark.
    2. Hire and bike and see the city the way the locals do.
    3. Absorb the culture at the Rijksmuseum.
    4. Head to Albert Cuyp Market to stop up on delicious Dutch cheeses.
    5. Take a mini cruise on Amsterdam's canals to see the city in a new way.
    When is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

    A trip to Amsterdam wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Rijksmuseum - hundreds of years of art and culture come together under one roof with work from the greatest Dutch Masters - like Rubens and Rembrandt - side-by-side with everchanging exhibitions. Pay your respects at the Anne Frank House and say good morning to the sunflowers at the Van Gogh Museum. But, of course, who could forget the infamous Sex Museum (where everyone is always very mature and sensible)? All of these famous museums lie in central Amsterdam so hop on your bike to arrive at each one in just a few minutes.

    Where are the best places for shopping in Amsterdam?

    If you have high fashion on the brain, Amsterdam's de Bijenkorf is for you. The biggest department store in the city, in Dam Square, dates back to 1870 and is the home of Dutch style. For just about everything else, visit De Hallen Amsterdam. Food, affordable fashion, crafts and even a cinema, this cultural hub in Oud-West has all you could ever need all in one place down The Passage. For shopping-while-strolling, go to Kalverstraat, but look out for pickpockets!

    What are the best hotels in Amsterdam near Schiphol Airport?

    Flying needn't be stressful, especially when there's an XL king-size bed with your name on it. Fly into Schipol Airport and stay at citizenM Schipol Airport - just a 4-minute walk from Arrivals Hall 4. If you want to move a bit farther away from the airport, but not too far, citizenM Amsterdam South hotel is just one train stop away (Zuid) from Schiphol train station.