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The city’s best bits, explored by us

can virtual reality can make make you a better DJ?

Virtual Reality – the two words on every techie’s lips. It’s been a longstanding obsession of sci-fi films, but virtual reality is fast becoming a fact of the real world.

how to stay fit while travelling

Exercise. Ex… er… cise. Ex… ar… sides. Eggs are sides for bacon. Funny, isn’t it, how when it comes to going on your hols, the whole ‘keep fit, eat healthy’ mantra gets left at home? Throwing off your normal routine and travelling can spell extra eating out and over-indulging that may well have us all fretting about our Kardashian-esque waistlines. But don’t get your washboard abs in a twist. While citizenM would like to remind you that we love guests of all shapes and sizes, we’ve also compiled five effective, fun and simple ways of working out you can do anytime, anywhere. Watch out, Arnie.