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The city’s best bits, explored by us

the art of travel: the Instagrams you need to follow now

Tackling the throngs of tourists for a selfie with Mona Lisa? Forget it. Queuing for a glimpse of a Van Gogh’s Starry Night? Yawn. Forking out for top-dollar museum tickets? No thanks. There’s a world of art out there and you needn’t leave your living room to see it. We’ve scoured the sweaty gym selfies, frothy cappuccinos and inspirational quotes that littered across Instagram to find the top travel and art accounts, especially for you. Ditch following the #nofilter and #potd hashtags (yes, we’re looking at you) for #illgrammers #bevisuallyinspired and #photography – these feeds are like virtual galleries and we're into it.

top 10 best restaurants in Le Marais, Paris

There’s two things you need to bear in mind as you read this post. One: calories don’t count when you’re abroad. Two: French people never get fat. Thank goodness then, because Paris is home to some of the world’s finest food: croissants, crêpes, baguettes, duck confit, croque-monsieur, foie gras, macarons… okay, we’re drooling. Some of the best grub can be found in Le Marais, one of the city’s oldest yet coolest areas and the stomping ground of les hipsters.