Let your creativity shine at citizenM

Goodbye, boring boardrooms and snooze-inducing PowerPoint slides. Our societyM meeting rooms at citizenM are filled with art, Vitra furniture, natural light and the right technology to make your meetings a shining success. But we can’t do it without you, citizens! We’ve put together a list of ways to light the spark in your meetings, to keep the creativity flowing and to leave your team inspired. Spark joy, not confusion – it’ll put Marie Kondo to shame. Read on below!

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icebreakers and warming up: explore our spaces

Before the meeting starts, take your team on a tour of our living rooms and browse the art, books and furniture. There are hundreds of books scattered throughout the hotel – why not ask your team to find one that resonates with them, or the meeting topics you’re going to be discussing? 

While you’re browsing, enjoy one of our barista-made coffees at our canteenM. Caffeine is a must for busy brains!

get interactive

Polls, questionnaires and breakout discussions are great ways to keep your team curious and engaged. Make use of our easy to use, latest technology and use tools like Mentimeter and Kahoot to get your team scratching their brains and working together, not apart. Who doesn’t love a good digital popularity contest, anyway? If you’re feeling as overwhelmed as an iPad kid in an Apple shop, ask one of our friendly ambassadors to help you set things up, tech-wise. 

keep things clear

Your slideshows should be easy to read, colourful and clear. We know you’ve got the ideas, you just need to put them to (virtual) paper. Keep your slides fun with an occasional ice-breaking meme – sometimes, you can only look at so many spreadsheets! A picture is worth a thousand words, a meme is worth a million.

time management

As much fun as meetings can be, it’s important to avoid glassy eyes and stifled yawns as the day goes on. Stick to an agreed agenda or schedule, and be sure to incorporate breaks in between your meetings. Our ambassadors are happy to whip you up an afternoon snack and barista-brewed coffee to keep tummies full and teammates happy. After all, nobody wants a hangry brainstorm session!

the afterparty

After a marathon brainstorm session, why not pop over to cloudM for a well-deserved drink with the team? Kick back on our rooftop bars, for splendid views and even better company. It's the perfect spot for team bonding and a casual chat, all while soaking in an inspiring setting. Let's raise a glass to collaboration and fresh ideas! See you at the top!

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get feedback

Once your meeting is done, congratulate your team and yourself – you’ve just achieved a lot together, all in a vibrant and inspiring space! Keeping with the theme of inclusivity and team interaction, consider setting up a suggestion box or feedback form for after the meeting. After all, two (or more!) heads are better than one, and every meeting is a learning experience. Got feedback for our societyM rooms or an idea for new tech? Let one of our friendly ambassadors know!

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Ready to make your meetings less yawn-o-riffic? Book your next meeting at societyM, with rooms available worldwide for you and your team. With super-fast WiFi, colourfully comfortable seats and catering available, your meetings will never look the same.

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