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citizenM featured in Blue Ocean Shift!

citizenM is proud to be recognised and included in the Blue Ocean Shift strategy book

Working with and being inspired by the authors Dr. Chan Kim and Dr. Renee Mauborgne has led citizenM to reach beyond competing... please click here to get your copy of Blue Ocean Shift and find the proven steps to inspire confidence and seize new growth.

We’ve always prided ourselves as being a disrupting force leading the hotel industry, but now there’s a cold-hard case study to prove it! citizenM is thrilled to be featured in the new book Blue Ocean Shift, by bestselling authors of Blue Ocean Strategy Dr. Chan Kim and Dr. Renee Mauborgne.

If you’re left thinking “what’s all this ocean talk?” it’s time to get out from behind your typewriter and head over to the (online) book store. After selling over 3 million copies of their previous book, the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS), a concept published in 2005, has become synonymous with innovative business strategies and new business models.

How it works? Simple. Dr. Chan and Dr. Renee show us how so many markets are completely overcrowded, leading to cutthroat competition and a literal spilling of blood into the ocean. Starting a new business in such an overpopulated sea is going to be tough, even for those with big investments. So, instead of being stuck in a crammed market governed by traditions, rules, and money-driven decisions, BOS suggests discovering or even creating new markets with little competition and more freedom to truly innovate. Think about what Uber did for cab rides, what Tesla did for electric cars, and what we’re doing for the hotel industry!

The newest iteration Blue Ocean Shift, available from 27 September, discusses businesses who have put the Blue Ocean Strategy into practice – like us – and how new and growing businesses can move from competition-heavy markets (the red oceans), to new and open ones (the blue oceans).

Of course, starting a chain of hotels from scratch may seem like a daunting prospect, but it’s all about the way we think as a company that has helped us grow, and set us apart from our competitors. Instead of thinking like a traditional hotel chain with an outdated top-down management system, we took the ones actually using our product – that’s you – as a starting point to develop our hotels. Smart, tech-savvy, and crammed full of the kind of creature comforts you’d expect at home.

Then we took a good look at how our business works. Our ambassadors are the ones working in our hotels day in, day out, interacting with our citizens, so why shouldn’t they be the ones in charge? Well, at citizenM they are! We don’t have a head office, we have a Support Office that’s on call every day to serve our ambassadors, so that they can offer our citizens the kind of stay they were dreaming of. Down to earth, luxury-lined, and pretty darn great if you ask us!

Join the revolution, get your copy of Blue Ocean Shift from 27 September, and share your thoughts with us #citizenM #BlueOceanShift!