your expert guide to hitting the hay

sleep like a champion

your expert guide to resting on the road

Our latest campaign is all about you. People who travel like an athlete – sprinting through airports, juggling time zones and wrestling busy schedules – and need champion-quality sleep to match. Well, consider citizenM your new sleep coach. A good night’s rest is as serious to us as training is to an Olympian. We teamed up with the best brains in sleep research to create a series of expert-verified guides that make sleep simple. Find everything you need to get that all important zzzz’s on this page (and in our rooms)!

morning bird or night owl?
morning bird or night owl?

discover your travel sleep type!

Working parent? Social butterfly? Overseas jet-setter? Answer a few simple questions to get your personalised sleep guide! These guides will teach you how to optimise your citizenM room in a way that works for your unique travel persona – so you have the energy to get the most out of your trip. Twenty winks await!

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the hotel built for dreamers
the hotel built for dreamers

sleep in our beds, on your terms

It’s no secret that you get your best sleep at home, in the same bed and same room every night. So that’s what we give you. Our rooms all have the same perfect XL bed and are fully customisable, so you can build the ideal sleep environment for you – whatever city you travel to. It’s not a competition but if it was, we’d have a gold medal in room design and first place in sleep technology.

don’t take our word for it
don’t take our word for it

the experts agree

... citizenM is the place to be for a good night’s sleep. This white paper (a fancy name for a report) written by award-winning sleep consultant Naomi Hilliard will tell you why. She assessed every aspect of our rooms, from the physical space to the finishing touches, to see how they contributed to the ideal sleep environment (or not). And guess what?
We kinda nailed it.

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dreamy nights, happy days

There are no two ways about it – sleep is essential to good health. Sleep is when our body repairs itself, supporting essential growth and development, and when the brain processes information gathered throughout the day, enhancing our cognitive abilities. It’s also been linked to mood stability and emotional resilience – key to keeping us happy, no matter what life throws at us.

four steps to the perfect night

slow it down

Hitting your sleep target is easy when you stay at citizenM. Our rooms are designed to give you the most comfortable sleep possible. Hunker down in our XL king-size bed under an ultra-huggable duvet in breathable European linens.

cool off

The ideal sleeping temperature is a cool 18 degrees Celcius. Your body naturally drops a few degrees at night so by lowering your room’s temp with a swipe of our MoodPad, you’re signalling that bedtime is coming. Isn’t that clever!

spin (the colour wheel)

Winding down? Use our colour wheel on your MoodPad to set your room to a warm orange or yellow. Sunset lighting is super helpful in melatonin production – the natural hormone that regulates your body clock and plays an important role in sending you to sleep.

tap out

So you’re ready for bed! Close the curtains and blackout blinds with a touch of your finger. A dark room stops any disruptions to your circadian rhythm (your body’s natural night and day cycle) – meaning deep, restful sleeps and more productive days!

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win a one-on-one sleep consultation!

Need another reason to join mycitizenM+? Members get the chance to win a one-on-one consultation with our sleep expert, Naomi Hilliard. She’ll answer any questions you might have about getting the dream night zzzs. Become a member today and we’ll be in touch soon with all the details.

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