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The city’s best bits, explored by us.

Briciola Wine Bar


Briciola Wine Bar

Possibly the tiniest winebar you’ve ever been in.

One of the things I find the hardest when visiting a city that’s new to you, is finding great places to eat and drink. Most times you either end up in the touristy area (read: expensive awful food) or you search half of your evening for a good place to eat (read: me). Though this can also be an adventure sometimes, when I’m hungry I want good food and I want to know where I need to go.

Here’s where my NYC buddies came in. As it was my first night in New York, I did not care where I wanted to go as long as the food is good and it is close to the hotel. So, they sent me out on the streets with an address and a map to a winebar called Briciola.


citizenMalou says: the staff is really interested in you and your story, which creates a connection with the place.

Briciola is one of those hidden gems you need to know about, otherwise you will walk right by it.
That is mostly because it is super tiny! Which in my opinion makes it also really cute. When you enter you grab a seat at the bar, where you also have your dinner. As it is so tiny, it has a great atmosphere where it is impossible not to have a talk with the staff. They’re really great and they have a lot of knowledge about their huge selection of wines. The staff is really interested in you and your story, which creates a connection with the place.

While they’re wine list is huge, the menu is pretty small. But hey, what do you expect from such a tiny place? However, the food they serve is of high quality and there is a great choice for everyone. I went for a plain spaghetti Bolognese with a Chardonnay, but when I’m back in the city I will definitely go back to try other things from their menu!


Briciola Wine Bar

370 W 51st St
New York
NY 10019

Images by citizenMalou

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