the portraits
the portraits

the people make the place

Artist and photographer Leila Fakouri, captured our citizens in an iconic still and moving portrait series. Each citizen stars in their own artistic world and brings a personal flavor, celebrating the various backgrounds and talents of the ones who call these cities home.

citizens of the world is a 25 citizen-strong (and counting) community of locals sharing city-inspired tales. By the people, for the people, inspiring the world to explore new places and bring their own flavour along for the ride.

Portraits are exhibited across social as well as displayed across our various hotels around the world.

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the podcast
the podcast

do disturb

We’ve always welcomed disturbance with chatty citizens. Only this time, we’ve set a mic to record and travelled around the world capturing chats with those who embody their cities and connect across borders on art, fashion, culture, party, and business.

Access all areas: is Seattle style more experimental than London? Our fashion, art, and culture citizens hash it out.

In episode 1, we start behind the scenes, with a discussion with artist and photographer Leila Fakouri, the mastermind behind the portrait series capturing our citizens.

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follow the leader but find your own way

Explore like a local wherever you are in the world with these hot-spot cheat sheets expertly crafted by our local citizens. Everything from the hottest bars - to scenic hangouts and quirky vintage-shop stops, all highly recommended by the ones who know the city best.

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