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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

So, you’ve found yourself in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with a mere 4 hours to kill, lucky for you there are plenty of things you can squeeze into a four hour period whatever your interests! If you had a little longer than 4 hours, it may be worth venturing outside the airport and exploring, but with just a short amount of time, you really wouldn’t want to miss your flight!

Whether you’re a shop­a­holic a book worm or even fancy a little bit of R&R, Amsterdam Schiphol is one of the most well­equipped airports you will come across. It’s true! It’s been voted one of Europe’s best airports!

It may be small, but they have certainly crammed in a whole lot of,  well... everything! So, what is the best way to kill four hours at Schiphol?

Here’s just one way to spend your time...

1. Schiphol Library – Found next to the Rijksmuseum, on Holland Boulevard

Not many airports can say they have a library, but Schiphol boasts those bragging rights! Yes, Amsterdam Schiphol airport has its very own library which is stocked full of books about the Dutch culture and history – perfect for those who want to brush up on their local knowledge but are just passing through. Not only this, but for those of you who are travelling for business (or for those secret social media addicts – we know who you are!) the library has places for your to check emails and browse the net too, which is useful as you only get 1 hours free Wi­Fi in the airport itself.

2. Back To Life Spa – Found between Gates E and F

All holidays should include a little time for rest and relaxation purposes, but if your holiday has been spent mainly sightseeing and walking around many of the interesting places Holland has to offer, then Schiphol has the perfect solution. Whether you want to treat yourself to a relaxing massage during your flight crossover or simply want a quick break from the family, the Back to Life Spa is the perfect place to relax and treat yourself to a pamper session – no booking necessary.

3. Dutch Kitchen – Holland Boulevard

We may be a little biased, but Dutch food is absolutely delicious and so you may understandably feel like you’ve not had quite enough during your trip to satisfy your taste buds. Fear not, as Schiphol is home to Dutch Kitchen, which serves up typical Dutch delicacies – think miniature pancakes, raw herring and treacle waffles; not altogether of course. 

Please remember, four hours isn’t a huge amount of time, so keep an eye on those flight departure boards, as you wouldn’t want to get stranded there – or with all of this choice of things to do, perhaps you would!