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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Although Amsterdam Schiphol is just 4.9 miles away from Amsterdam itself, if you are short on time then the short train journey to and from the centre is just not worth the trek – but 6 hours or more and the world (well...Amsterdam) is your oyster!

If you have the time, Amsterdam is a wonderful place to visit, if even for a few hours. Yes, there are the canals, the bakeries and the...ahem...shows....but there is a lot more to Amsterdam than meets
the eye! If you have the chance, catch the train to the city centre and take a little time to get lost wandering the winding streets or enjoying the local culture – just don’t get too lost.

You are likely never to have heard of the towns and villages surrounding Amsterdam Schiphol, but if you have a lot of time to kill before your flight, they here are just a few that might be worth a visit!


If you love history then Hoofddorp is the town for you! Founded in 1853 and after the draining of the Haarlemmeneer, the Defence Line of Amsterdam was constructed in a sort of ring around Amsterdam. Towns and villages were built included in the fort and what would be the town of Hoofddorp was one of said villages!
Flash forward 163 years and the town is a far cry from its former life. Although there is not much to see in terms of shopping, the area is pretty enough and the architecture is interesting and very typical of
Holland...and if that isn’t enough, there are even the remains of a disused windmill for which is open to the public – nothing quite says Holland like a windmill! If you just fancy a walk or a jog around a pretty
Dutch town then Hoofddorp is well worth a visit, and if you want to freshen up before your flight home then there are showers available back at the airport too.


In the unlikely event that you are travelling to the airport by car or you decide to rent­a­car for the day, then just fifteen minutes away by car is the small town of Amstelveen. Home to the Cobra Museum of Modern
Art and the Museum van der Togt, there are a number of galleries and museums to keep you entertained if you have time to kill pre­flight. If you’re travelling to the airport by public transport, then give this one a
miss, as to reach Amstelveen from Schiphol means looping back on yourself via Amsterdam to reach it.


Sloterdijk is a small village just 3 miles of Amsterdam centre which is easily reachable via Schiphol airport. Admittedly there isn’t so much there in terms of landmarks for tourists, but if you’re looking for a brief
escape from the confines of the airport walls, then Sloterdijk is on the direct train line from the airport itself. For a unique experience – and we mean unique; the Amsterdam Tram is within walking distance of the
Sloterdijk train station and is the perfect place to grab a beer or enjoy a meal from the roof of the tram – yes, you read correct, the roof! The Amsterdam Tram plays host regular events too, so if you fancy something a little livelier to help pass the time, then make sure to check
their website for more details.