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societyM Training Case Study

Ever wondered about hiring a SocietyM training room for your business? With amazing facilities for up to 25 people, a creative open space perfect for inspiring innovative ideas and top of the range technology at your disposal, here’s why your company could benefit from using our first rate SocietyM meeting rooms for training

The Perfect Environment for Idea Generation

Why scribble on a piece of paper when you can draw on the walls? At citizenM we care about our people and we know that once you’ve got a big idea, it’s rare that getting it down on paper in its entirety is easy. In our meeting rooms we have both blackboard walls and glass walls ideal for drawing on so those big ideas don’t have to stay small.

Charlie Barker-Gavigan at Social Care Ideas uses our rooms when she needs her staff to stimulate better ideas, she said: “We love the fact we are 'allowed' to write on the walls too! With a full blackboard making up one wall and a white board the other, we are encouraged to doodle, mind-map and graphic until the cows come home, in chalk and colour pens.”

Savvy Technology

Holding a training session and keeping 25 people engaged for a whole day can be tricky. That’s why in our SocietyM meeting rooms we’ve got the best technology so you can use all different kinds of methods to inspire your colleagues. From Apple Airplay which allows you to stream videos, music and photos straight from your iPhone to VGA cables for plugging your laptop into a projector to fast and reliable Wi-Fi strong enough for everyone to connect to, there’s a variety of facilities meaning you can try out as many different types of learning to figure out what works best.  

Chris Connick at Prezi Training has used our London meeting rooms monthly for 2 years, he said: “I run a presentation software training business, so it's essential that the room I use has a great HDMI connected TV/Projector, rock solid Wi-Fi that can handle up to 14 guests running cloud based software simultaneously, and enough power sockets to keep all the machines juiced throughout the day.”

Inspiring designs

The décor in our SocietyM meeting rooms is certainly one of the main things that keeps companies coming back time and time again. Each of our spaces has a fresh modern décor to make them a place where people actually want to spend their training day, rather than sat staring at a boring white 4 walls.

Liz Ratcliffe at Swarovski said: “It is a very modern environment which feels like a real treat for everyone attending. The IT equipment and pencils and paper finish off the room to a very high standard.”

Packed with floor to ceiling collectibles and inspirational books, the spaces are designed to help people stretch their thinking, so your business can figure out new ways to expand and develop. Many businesses have commented on how the spaces help their businesses to unlock their creativity.

Unlimited Beverages

At citizenM we know that even the best minds need their batteries recharging and that’s why we have the best quality tea and coffee available free of charge all day in our SocietyM meeting rooms. With breakfast, lunch and all day food and beverage packages available too, our meeting rooms are ideal for hosting those all day training sessions where you need to keep staff feeling engaged and on top form.

With so many different types of businesses, from design to IT to retail and social care using our fun and creative SocietyM meeting rooms for their training sessions, why not take a look and see what holding a training session at a SocietyM meeting room could do for you?