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citizenM Boston North Station hotel


Boston Tea Party for Boston Bed Party


king-size beds for all


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  • citizenM room in the Boston North Station hotel
    • 1

      1. sonnets should be written about our beds (and in our beds)


      They could start with 'is this a really comfy bed I see before me?' There's so much to praise: the soft-as-snow mattress, the deep-dream pillows, the duvet like a world's best hug. And don't forget the size, perfect for sleeping like a starfish.

  • Power rain shower in the citizenM hotel room in Boston
    • 1

      1. a shower should have only one setting


      Full blast! Yes, we've all been under a shower that barely trickles, or changes temperature faster than a Formula 1 race. If that's the shower you're expecting at our citizenM hotel near TD garden, sorry! Our jungle-like rain showers have only one problem: you'll love it so much, you won't want to get out.

  • Guest showering while using the AM and PM shower gel at citizenM Boston North Station hotel
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      1. what's green and smells great?


      Our full-size AM and PM shower gels, that's what! They're not actually green in colour, but they're good for the planet (no mini bottles to throw away!). And they smell great because they were designed by the one, the only, Alessandro Gualtieri, the famous perfume guy.

  • In-room tablet on the desk at the citizenM Zurich hotel room
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      1. we took the iPad and made it do great stuff


      First we changed its name, to MoodPad. Why? Because you can use it to match the mood of the room to your own mood. And then, we added controls for lights, blinds, temperature and movies there too. Now you can stay in bed for as long as you want.

citizenM says: sleep, shower, Boston, repeat

A citizenM room has everything you need, and nothing you don't. There are no chocolates on pillows, and no ironing board. But there is a mahoosive bed, designer furniture, power-blast shower, and enough free movies to keep you up all night long.


Boston North Station hotel




citizenM Boston North Station hotel
70 Causeway Street
02114 Boston, Massachusetts


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  • living room of the Boston North Station hotel of citizenM
    • 1

      1. 9,600 feet of great design


      Let's not forget 11-foot high ceilings! An awesome space like our living room just begs to be filled with the most desirable furniture, art and artifacts from around the world (and from Boston). And that's why we're best friends with Vitra - designer furniture afficionados.

  • Guest laying on the couch while reading a book
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      1. we have no marble, but we have your favourite chair


      Or your favourite couch. We personally tested it to make sure it meets our comfort expectations (it's a tough job, but someone has to do it). Why stay in your bedroom, when there are so many perfect lounging spots right here?

  • Guest working in the hotel lobby of citizenM Boston while on the phone
    • 1

      1. you can live to work, but do it with a cocktail


      We designated quieter areas for working (and added a few free iMacs too) if you can't tear yourself away from those spreadsheets. Luckily, a mixologist is right next to you at canteenM to serve a pick-you-up cocktail. Oh, and Wi-Fi? It's superfast, unlimited and free. Enjoy.

  • Check-in kiosk in citizenM Boston North Station hotel
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      1. we use technology to welcome you faster


      Check in at the citizenM Boston hotel in just one minute at the self-service kiosk. It takes longer to answer the question 'how was your journey?' Zero form-filling, zero time-wasting. We simply want you to relax as quickly as possible.

citizenM says: it's your living room, we're just styling in it

Your home living room is where you do your favourite stuff. What a coincidence, it's the same here! We called off the whole 'lobby' affair, and put a living room in its place, with couches, books, TVs, art, and tables for working. Zoom up to the 4th floor and see for yourself.





minute walk to TD Garden


Wi-Fi and movies


subway ride to Fenway Park


minutes by taxi to Logan Airport

  • canteenM breakfast buffet at the citizenM Zurich hotel
    • 1

      1. big breakfast in beautiful Boston


      Let's be honest, you're going to need a lot of fuel to power through your Boston days. Come on down and fill your plate(s) at our hot and cold breakfast station. Tell us how you like your coffee too – baristas are on standby.

  • Ambassador helping a guest to pay for food and beverages
    • 1

      1. light lunches, lovely dinners


      You are probably dining out in Boston, or grabbing something delish between your meeting during the day and the show at night. But if you happen to be at our boutique hotel in Boston, we are at your lunch (and dinner) service! Order at the bar first, find your favourite table second.

  • Guests having a cocktail at the bar in the citizenM Boston hotel
    • 1

      1. we challenge you to challenge our mixologists


      Ask them to make you something really amazing, and they'll step up to the plate. We sure love to have fun at citizenM, but we take our cocktails very seriously. Go ahead, have a drink to joy, health, and very fluffy pillows.

citizenM says: some like it snack, some like it cocktail

Some like it hot, some like it cold. At canteenM, we don't choose who to feed and when – we simply open 24/7. All kinds of things could happen to your schedule, but being hungry shouldn't be one of them.