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I forgot something inside the room, how can I get it back?

We hope it wasn't your lucky socks! Whatever you forgot, we'll be happy to help you get your item back. Please contact us via chat or send us a text via WhatsApp at +44 744 417 1707.

Please note, we keep lost items for a maximum of 3 months. If you haven’t realised you’re missing your item by then, you probably won’t need it and we will donate it to a good cause.

Where can I find my invoice?

The final invoice will be automatically emailed immediately after check-out to the email address confirmed during check-in.

Did you delete the email, or it never arrived? You can view and download your invoice anytime by logging into my bookings page. You can also view or download the invoice by filling in the hotel location, the guest's last name and the reservation number.

How can I share feedback about my stay?

Did you fall in love with the way we do things? Or out of love? Either way, we like to hear all compliments, suggestions and complaints.

You can send us feedback in several ways. After your stay, you'll receive a survey email with room for comments. You can also chat to us live. And if you need more time to compose an email, send it to us whenever you're ready.

How can I update the address or name of my invoice?

We can do that for you, as long as the guest has not checked out. Modifications are not possible after departure. To request your change, please contact us.

You can also request this change in person at the hotel, just ask an ambassador. Please note, these changes can only be made before you check-out.

I really loved something at the hotel, where can I get it?

We're flattered you loved our stuff! At the moment, we do not have an online store for our goodies, but we will shout about it once we do. In the meantime, all citizenM hotels carry a selection of lovely (and lovable) pieces at collectionM, our hotel gift shop.

Our most popular items are the Marvin dolls, and yes you can purchase them at the hotel (with or without a pillow).

Are you interested in our hotel art? Please email our curator at

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