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Everything you need to know about your safety and our house rules.


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Paris, New York or Taipei? Find all location-specific information here.

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How, what and where to book.


All the ways you can get in touch with us.


Couldn't find the answer on our FAQ pages? Click the chat icon at bottom right of the screen to reach a helpful human right now.


We have WhatsApp and we're not afraid to use it! Send us a text to +44 744 417 1707 and a helpful human will be with you momentarily.


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How do I become a citizen?

Most places give you a welcome discount. Or a first purchase discount. We give you always-and-forever discount. Join us and get the best rate in the entire universe, every time you book! Sign up here in just a few quick clicks and let the deals begin!


Many thanks for your interest in working with us! Please find the list of all the open positions here.


The mission of citizenMovement is mobilising citizens to help shorten the distance between people and opportunities. See what we've been up to here.


Take home more than just stories – take a little bit of citizenM. Our collectionM gift shop is full of lovely stuff you won't find anywhere else, like our best-selling gnome keychains, Marvin pillow dolls and citzenM AM and PM shower gels. You'll find the collectionM table in most citizenM living rooms.


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