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coronavirus information

Everything you need to know about your safety and our house rules.


How, what and where to book.

hotel information

Paris, New York or Taipei? Find all location-specific information here.

societyM meeting rooms

How, what and where to book.

What about food and drink?

Delicious catering menus for morning, afternoon and all-day appetites are available to order up to 48 hours before your meeting (this is to guarantee we can cover all dietary requirements, and make the food as fresh as can be). Add any catering package while you book.

If you miss the 48-hour window, it’s ok! All societyM meeting rooms come conveniently attached to our fabulous canteenM. It serves a delicious breakfast buffet (until 11.00 AM), hot and cold lunches and dinners, around-the-clock drinks and snacks, and freshly stirred craft cocktails (serving hours in accordance with each country’s alcohol laws).


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