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Paris La Defense hotel

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6 min walk to metro


30 mins to Eiffel Tower


15 mins to Le Tournesol

2 minutes from Paris La Défense Arena


minutes by foot to La Grande Arche


citizenM Paris La Defense hotel

194 Jardin de l'Arche
92000 Nanterre


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living room filled with art and Vitra Furniture

rest here, citizen

We get it – at most hotels, you have to work in your room, because the only alternative is the cold marble lobby or the restaurant. Well, citizenM is not 'most hotels'! We said adieu to the lobby and designed a living room instead – stylish enough to impress a business partner, yet comfy enough to surf the superfast free Wi-Fi from any couch (or contemplate our art collection). Feel right at home, we mean it. 


sip and dine well, citizen

It's not unusual for world travellers to get hungry in the middle of the night. And why not? If you want to feast at 3.00 AM, just come to canteenM. It's open 24/7 for fresh food, healthy snacks and perfectly frothy coffees (or soothing teas) around the clock. We could add a word here about citizenM breakfast... but we'd rather let it speak for itself (it's that delish). 

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societyM meeting rooms
societyM meeting rooms

big cheeses meet here

societyM meeting rooms at citizenM Paris La Defense hotel are a zero-boredom destination for brainiacs, big-deal brokers and serious coffee drinkers. We stuffed our meeting rooms with Vitra furniture, arty objects to inspire and enough tech for all devices. It's meeting rooms that make you look good, in a nutshell.