human rights policy


At citizenM, we influence positive change in a world where we are simply guests. We support and respect human rights without violating them. As a company, citizenM promotes economic and social justice for all employees. While respecting human rights, citizenM focuses on making a positive impact. For guidance, we use the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Bill of Rights, as well as the International Labor Organization’s declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work.

our company values

As citizenM grows, so does the commitment to our company values. We treat our guests fairly and our colleagues respectfully while upholding the highest ethical and legal standards. As a result, we have a strong reputation with our guests, employees, business partners and surrounding communities. The citizenM Rules are designed to support employees in working to the best of their abilities while maintaining our solid, trustworthy reputation. One of the ways we promote human rights throughout citizenM is through our core values. We run awareness and training programs so our values stay top of mind. Every employee must complete the citizenM Rules training, covering our business and human rights values. Every year, it’s a legal obligation that citizenM’s Human Rights Principles (below) and our Annual Modern Slavery Act Statement are approved by our CEO and/or our Board of Directors. In these principles, the areas with the highest potential risk to human rights are identified.

our supply chain

citizenM expects our key suppliers and business partners to meet or exceed the ethicalpractices outlined in its Responsible Procurement Principles. As a responsible company, citizenM only works with responsible suppliers to minimise its supply chain impact.

diversity and non-discrimination

We value diversity in our workplace, giving equal employment opportunities to employees and prospective candidates without any distinction. We believe all citizens of the world are equal, regardless of race, gender, age, size, disability, religion or sexual orientation. As equals, everyone should feel comfortable to be themselves at all times. Diversity is actively monitored in citizenM, everything from gender and nationality, to age and race (US only). All employees can strengthen their skills through training and mentoring while creating a talent profile to increase their career opportunities. citizenM also adheres to and enforces applicable local legislation regarding diversity and discrimination.


We expect our employees to treat colleagues, guests and suppliers with respect at all times. We focus on being a workplace free of harassment (sexual, physical, racial, religion, sex, age, abilities, marital status, pregnancy, gender identity or any other kind). Harassment is not tolerated from our employees, management, suppliers and business partners.

prevention of human trafficking, forced labour and child labour

Forced labour, child labour, slavery or human trafficking is not tolerated at citizenM or throughout its supply chain.

Human trafficking – citizenM complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the prevention of human trafficking. To build awareness, we have identified risks in our hotels and are actively implementing mitigation measure including creating a training program for our hotel employees on how to spot signs of human trafficking and help combat related activities.We work diligently to mitigate risk in our hotels - we outline our policy and due diligence process in our Modern Slavery Act Statement.

Child labour – citizenM will not recruit or employ child labour in any form. The minimum age for employment is determined by the national legislation and the legal age for compulsory education in any given country where citizenM operates. Employees younger than 18 years old will not be employed at night and will not be required to carry out heavy or risky tasks, nor working areas of risk (without full supervision) in line with relevant risk assessments. Young workers will not carry out any task that is prohibited by national legislation due to their age.

working hours and wage standards

We adhere to all applicable laws relating to minimum wages, working hours, overtime and benefits. We develop our employees skills and capabilities to create career advancement opportunities.

freedom of association and collective bargaining

We respect our employees right to form, join or not to join a labour union, or any other organisation of their choice without fear of retaliation, intimidation, harassment or termination of employment.

workplace safety

The safety and health of our employees is crucial. We make citizenM a safe and healthy workplace by complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We also expect the same of our suppliers and business partners.

citizenM takes full responsibility – and does what’s in its power – to create safe and healthy working conditions, preventing harm to employees while promoting their wellbeing. Health and safety rules and regulations apply at every citizenM location. All employees must comply with company health and safety norms as regularly communicated to them.

privacy, data protection and security

citizenM carries out business in a way that respects the privacy of customers and employees. Respecting privacy is about handling people's personal data appropriately, securely and in line with applicable laws and regulations. We adhere to applicable data protection legislation aimed at more transparency and better protection for data subjects.

Reporting Concerns

All employees, suppliers, business partners and external stakeholders are encouraged to report any human rights concerns – as well as any conduct that violates this policy, the citizenM rules, or an applicable law, rule or regulation – through our speak up policy. All allegations are investigated and action to mitigate any adverse human rights impacts is taken. We do not permit retaliation against any employee who, in good faith, reports, complains of, or seeks advice concerning this policy, our citizenM rules or any other illegal or unethical conduct.


Compliance with laws – citizenM and its employees perform work with integrity and comply with all laws and regulations that apply to its business. citizenM rules do not cover all of citizenM’s internal policies that apply to its employees. When conducting citizenM business, employees are expected to abide by governing laws and regulations. While citizenM rules address a wide variety of topics, good judgment and common sense should always be used, as it cannot, and does not, address every possible situation. If there are questions on specific situations, laws or regulations, employees must seek guidance and contact citizenM’s Legal Director for advice.

This statement expresses our commitment to respecting human rights. We will review these principles annually, improving and updating them as needed.

Klaas van Lookeren Campagne, CEO, citizenM