A virtual concierge is roaming New York and Amsterdam as we speak. How about taking it for a test spin?

There’s a stylish new concierge at citizenM. He dresses elegantly in black, loves answering questions, and wants to come along with you wherever you go. He doesn’t know where the kitchen is, or how to change the channel on the living room TV. But he does know everything about Amsterdam and New York. Want to test his knowledge? You’ll find him at https://go.citizenm.com/.


Who is he? Only our new virtual city guide, turning every guest in a strange city into an explorer. For the techies out there: you can call him a chatbot, but he’s got far too much personality for that. He is powered by Botsquad.


Why did we launch it? We are mobile citizens, just like you. When we travel, we look for things like the best pizza in New York, and the biggest shoe emporium in Amsterdam. We wish there is someone to tell us where those places are, right away. And now, there is. The concierge goes along in your smartphone via https://go.citizenm.com. All you need is an internet connection, and you can roam free.


You’ll probably agree there’s a huge travel information overload from all kinds of sources, all claiming to be a definitive guide to this and that. Our city guides (no matter which format you choose) are refreshingly different. They are curated by us from start to finish. We do all the legwork, and we collect feedback and recommendations from our teams and guests. You won’t get everything in the city – just the best of the city.


Our chatty new concierge isn’t your only exploration option, though. We still print free guide books with maps, so remember to pick one up by the check-in kiosks, or ask an ambassador for a copy. The printed guide makes a great souvenir, if we may say so ourselves. And we still have one more trick up our sleeve. We put a customisable online guide as well, with an even wider selection of recommended places. It’s available at https://citizenm.guide/. In other words, your leisure time is now completely in your hands. You want coffee, clubbing, or culture? Choose your favourite guide and go.


Currently running as a pilot project in New York and Amsterdam, our virtual concierge is waiting to see how much our guests will like him. If it’s a success, we will send him everywhere our citizens go – that is, to all seven international cities where you’ll find citizenM hotels. Are you ready to test his knowledge? Go ahead, ask him any place you want to explore in the city, at https://go.citizenm.com/.