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societyM house rules


Welcome, citizen! You booked a meeting room at a time when your health and safety takes precedence over business. Your meeting room has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, with special attention paid to high-touch areas (door handles, coffee machines, remote controls, etc). In addition, to make sure your wellbeing – and ours – is protected, we have put some new societyM house rules in place. Please read them and comply, so we can minimise any risks together. 

social distancing – we ask you to maintain a distance (from each other and our staff) as required by your local social distancing rules. Please dial 0 from your meeting room phone to speak to an ambassador if you need anything. 

stationery – all essential stationery (like pencils) is sanitised and individually wrapped, and all non-essential stationery (like scissors) is available on request 

food and beverage – catering will be served in your meeting room only. When finished, please place your dishes on the trolley and leave outside your room for pick-up. 

colleagues, friends, family – due to capacity regulations in some hotels, visitors may not be able to join your meeting if they were not included in the original booking. Please ask an ambassador if inviting extra participants is possible. 

cash and payments – All of our hotels are cashless (except in Asia, where we accept cash).  You can pay with all of the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Discover and JCB. A credit card is required to guarantee any extra spending while at the hotel. For your convenience, you may charge your spending to your meeting room. We will ask you to settle any balances at the end of your meeting.

smoking – our hotels have always been smoke-free and we continue to observe this policy. Please smoke outside. A penalty applies for smoking inside.

stairs and elevators – for all hotels with meeting rooms above ground floor – if you are fit and healthy, please use the stairs so the elevators may be kept free for those who cannot use the stairs 

if you feel ill – if you have the symptoms of coronavirus (cough, fever, breathing difficulties), please let the hotel team know immediately. To minimise the risk to other hotel guests and our staff, we may ask you not to attend the meeting in person. 

For your health and safety – and ours – we reserve the right to:

• close the hotel if circumstances demand it and shorten/cancel your meeting

• ask you to wear a mask in the public areas of the hotel if the local regulations require it

• adapt the daily services of the hotel as needed – food, beverages, housekeeping and other

• ask anyone not complying with the house rules to leave the hotel

• check your temperature if required by the authorities

Thank you for your understanding. During this challenging time, we can all minimise the health risks by following these rules together.