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your contactless experience

smart luxury for the people

We’d like to say we planned it. But truthfully, we didn’t know we were building a pandemic-proof hotel.

We've always built stylish tech-savvy hotels with huge living rooms and room-controlling MoodPads. Throw in our impeccable cleaning routine and new app, it turns out we're ultra-safe too! Wondering what your citizenM stay will be like? Here’s the journey...

worry-free travel

booking your trip

It's never been easier. Most of our individual booking rates come with free cancellations or changes until arrival day (there are a few exceptions). Paris, New York, Copenhagen... book the trip you've been dreaming of, worry-free.


let's go
go contactless
go contactless

new, freshly baked app

Think of our app as the fairy godmother, making magic happen with a few thumb swipes on your phone. Use the app to check-in/out, view menus and control in-room features. Click either button to download it now.


during your stay

fantastic appy features

tell us when to clean

Uninterrupted underwear karaoke for all mobile citizens! We'll only clean your room when you tell us to.

unlock citizenM hotel room
unlock your room

You could raise your arm in the air and say "open sesame" – but using our app on your phone is better.

control your room with citizenM app
control your room

No need to touch wall switches. Control lights, blinds, TV and more with a few thumb swipes on your phone.

check-in/check-out citizenM app
rapid check-in/out

Before arrival, use the app to check-in faster than a cheetah with a jetpack. Check-out is just as quick.

guest viewing the menu on the citizenM app
view our menu

Hungry? View our menu full of delish drinks and hearty meals. You can order at canteenM or via the app (at most hotels).

the answers to all of life's questions... if not, contact us

Can I cancel or modify my booking?

Yes you can, depending on the rate you pick. Most of our rates come with free cancellations or changes until arrival day (there are a few exceptions). The policy for each rate is clearly shown while you book, so you won't miss it.

What happens if you suspect someone has coronavirus while staying at citizenM?

In case of a suspected infection, we have protocols in place to deal with it efficiently. Communication will be immediate and clear to hotel guests and staff.

Do I have to wear a mask during my stay?

Masks are required in line with local regulations and change per country, sometimes per city. Please ask an ambassador for the latest rules when you arrive.