Best time to visit Boston

High vs Low Season

Generically speaking, June to October is the best time to visit Boston. The weather is mild and the city blooms. The main difference here is the crowds and temperature, which is the unofficial definition of high- and low season.

High season
July and August are Boston´s high season. During this time, you can soak up some sun while wandering through historic streets or perhaps catching a Red Sox game.
Average temperatures during these months will be between 80F (27C to 28C) for the most part, but don’t be surprised if a few afternoons crank it up to the low 90F (32C to 33C).

Shoulder season
But hey, if you’re after a quieter vibe with fewer crowds but still heaps happening, the shoulder season is your best mate. We’re talking late spring (May and June) and early fall (September). You'll enjoy comfy weather and vibrant events like the Boston Film Festival. But let's not forget the autumn lovers - the fall foliage in October is simply a show-stopper. Temperatures fall to the upper 50s F (about 14C) and Boston´s golden hour seems endless.

Low season
And if the cold never bothered you anyway, the low season will be right up your alley. Imagine Boston with cozy cafés, twinkling holiday lights, and ice skating on Frog Pond. Tempting, right?

Weather or Not, Here We Come

What’s Boston without a bit of a weather mix, right? Not sure what to pack? A bit of everything will do! Boston’s weather can be as unpredictable as a suspense novel. But that’s all part of the city’s endless allure.

Boston’s Most Rainy Months

With its fair share of rainy days, don't even think of skipping the umbrella. September wins the trophy for most rainfall, while February generally keeps it cool with fewer wet days. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only a chance to rock your best boots and cute umbrella!

Winter Wonder(ing)land

Winter in Boston feels like you've wandered onto the set of a Disney movie. Sure, it’s a bit nippy, but every corner sparkles with something merry and bright. In need of some indoor charm? The Museum of Fine Arts is ready to play host with its splendid galleries. And let's chat about the Christmas vibes – absolutely top-tier! Pop-up markets and twinkling lights turn the city into a winter wonderland. With average temperatures playing between 20 to 35 F (-6 to 1C), winter in Boston is chilly, cheerful and downright magical.

January Joys

January might chill the bones, but it's also Boston at its calmest. Perfect for a sneaky jaunt post-holiday bustle. How about warming up with a hot chocolate from the Thinking Cup while taking in a snowy Boston Common?

Love is in the Air in February

February might be chilly, but Boston heats things up with Valentine's Day vibes and the spectacular Boston Wine Festival. Walk hand-in-hand along the snowy paths of the Public Garden and let the romantic air sweep you off your feet.

Marvelous March

As Boston shakes off the winter chill, the city bursts into the lively celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day. Think parades, vibrant gatherings, and yes, plenty of green beer!

Spring Fever in Boston

Spring sees Boston blooming beautifully. The Public Garden blossoms and the city feels alive with festivals and outdoor fun, brought to life by Boston´s mild weather. With average temperatures ranging from a comfortable 50 to 70 F (10 to 21C), spring is the perfect time to visit Boston.

Awesome April

April is the best moment to seeing Boston in bloom. Don’t miss the Swan Boats as they make their seasonal debut in the Public Garden. And for the culture vultures, the Boston Marathon showcases the city's spirit with runners and cheerers alike.

Magical May

May turns the city into a stage with events like Boston Calling Music Festival. The streets are lively, and it’s just the right time for patio dining and riverside walks.

Jumpin' June

June is when Boston really parties, with outdoor concerts and the Pride Parade adding color and life everywhere you look.

Sizzling Boston Summers

Summer in Boston? It’s a whole vibe. Imagine lounging on the grass under a sun-drenched sky, film projector humming in the background—it’s like your own open-air cinema. And speaking of temps, they're spot on, hovering between a comfy 70 to 85 F (21 to 29C). Perfect for all your outdoor shenanigans.

Jubilant July

July in Boston? It's all about Independence Day fireworks over the Charles River, open-air concerts, and those long, lush summer nights.

Awesome August

August keeps the buzz going with more festivals, outdoor eats, and harbor cruises. Don’t miss the chance to catch a game at Fenway Park!

Sweet September

September might hint at summer’s end, but the party is far from over. The Boston Film Festival arrives, and the city's back-to-school energy is infectious.

Fabulous Fall

As the leaves change, hot chocolate starts popping up all over the city, as cozy and inviting as a warm blanket. Boston during fall is like an all day long golden hour.

Outstanding October

October brings the cultural heavyweights like the Honk! Festival of activist street bands. The city thrums with a variety of music and numerous film screenings, creating a dynamic scene for cultural-savvy citizens. 

Noteworthy November

November might be quieter but get ready for Thanksgiving parades and the start of the holiday shopping season. It’s a hidden gem for visitors.

Dazzling December

December in Boston is downright festive. The city dazzles with holiday lights, bustling markets, and plenty of ice skating.

Christmas in Boston

Christmas in Boston is straight out of a storybook with markets like the one in Downtown Crossing, twinkling lights, and hot cider to keep you toasty. Imagine skating across the ice at Frog Pond in Boston Common, under the glow of city lights, before warming up with a hot cocoa. Nearby, Symphony Hall fills the air with the sounds of the Boston Pops Orchestra’s Holiday Pops concert, blending classic carols and new favorites. Over at Downtown Crossing, a Christmas market bustles with locals and visitors alike, picking out unique gifts and savoring seasonal treats. For a touch of elegance, the Boston Ballet performs "The Nutcracker" at the Boston Opera House, where every pirouette and plié is steeped in holiday magic. And if you wander through the charming streets of Beacon Hill during their Holiday Stroll, you’ll find Victorian decorations, cheerful caroling, and shops brimming with festive offerings. Boston’s historical charm comes alive during this season, creating a picturesque backdrop to these heartwarming traditions. With its community-focused spirit and a rich tapestry of cultural events, Boston during Christmas is truly a spectacle of joy and togetherness.

Holiday Highs

Public holidays in Boston are a big deal with celebrations from Patriot's Day to Thanksgiving. These days come packed with special events and festive spirits.

Let's not forget the Fourth of July, an iconic celebration with jaw-dropping fireworks over the Charles Rive and concerts that will have you dancing in your sneakers. And then there’s Labor Day, rounding off the summer with festivals, parades, and that last bit of warm weather fun.

As the leaves start to turn, Columbus Day offers a fantastic long weekend opportunity to explore the city's rich history or take a scenic drive through New England's autumnal beauty.

And who could overlook Veterans Day? Boston honours its service members with heartfelt ceremonies and parades, adding a touch of patriotism and pride to the crisp November air.

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And there you have it – a year-round guide to making the most of Boston. From the snowy walks of winter to the sun-soaked streets of summer, this city welcomes you with open arms. Pack your bags, book your stay at citizenM Boston and make some memories. Boston’s ready for you – and so are we!

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