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To all people who think robots belong in factories, scripts in movies and suits in politics. To those who see growth more as a climbing wall than a career ladder. To all people who want to wake up with a purpose and go to bed happy.

citizenM welcomes you all.

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people who love people wanted
people who love people wanted

we want you

We are on the lookout for personalities with a positive attitude. We understand that everyone has different talents and needs -- depending on your stage of life and career. We give opportunities for you to learn and grow, both professionally and personally.

citizenM was founded on a set of human values which we live every day. Treating others how you want to be treated, choosing empathy over judgment, and having respect and appreciation for diversity. Feel free to be yourself. We are known for hiring nice people.

picture the scene: hotel or office?

Are you looking to be a star of the show as part of our hotel teams? Or perhaps you prefer a behind-the-scenes role at one of our support offices? Find out more and picture your future here...

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our values

disruptive innovative open-hearted

It started with a need to create a hotel for travellers who were coming to the city for business, fashion, art, culture, partying, or all of these. Our hotel is named after our guests – mobile citizens looking for human connection, contemporary design and smart tech for prices that make them smile. We’re not afraid to turn tradition on its head to give them what they want.

wake up with a purpose, go to bed happy
wake up with a purpose, go to bed happy

working style

We believe in collaboration and innovation. Our vision has always been ambitious and we empower people to make a difference. Bring your strengths and good ideas and prepare to work smart while having fun. Start your day (and end your day) with a smile.

good karma only please
good karma only please

doing good feels good

Actions speak louder than words. That’s why we founded our charity citizenMovement and create opportunities to give back to our planet and its people. Whether it’s organising biking events to raise money or asking guests to forego housekeeping -- we want to add value and be active.

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love the perks and rewards

Hotel job doesn’t have to mean ‘hotel job’. We are who we are because of our people, who make the world feel at home, from Amsterdam to New York. As we grow, you grow. As we learn, you learn. Feel valued, inspired and at home. Start your day (and end your day) with a smile.

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our future, your future
our future, your future

established & ambitious

Founded in 2008, we are global and rapidly expanding in cities across the world. Based in The Netherlands, with offices in New York and Seattle, we have hotels in the US, Europe and Asia. Fifteen years later, we had 38 hotels globally and are looking to open more in all the exciting cities of the world. You may have never slept on our fluffy pillows, but that doesn’t mean we’re not a secure choice.

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