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welcome, future citizen


make the world feel at home

Are you ready to be a supercharged jet-fuelled version of yourself?

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people who love people wanted

To all people who think robots belong in factories, scripts in movies and suits in politics. To those who see growth more as a climbing wall than a career ladder. To all people who want to wake up with a purpose and go to bed happy.

Welcome to citizenM.

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love the perks and rewards

Hotel job doesn’t have to mean ‘hotel job’. We are who we are because of our people, who make the world feel at home, from Amsterdam to New York.
As we grow, you grow. As we learn, you learn. Feel valued, inspired and at home. Start your day (and end your day) with a smile.

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our values

what makes us

We keep our values top of mind and close to heart in all that we do.

Are you someone with a genuine touch, passionate attitude and a contempory style? Are you a smart thinker who is real caring?

We may be a perfect match.

genuine touch

I treat all people as I would treat my best friend. I am transparent, honest and believe in long-term relationships.

passionate attitude

I have an optimistic and positive attitude. I like to surprise people and make them smile.

smart thinking

I thrive on turning traditional thinking on its head, and want to do things ‘first time right’.

contemporary style

I am inspired by design and creativity, and use technology to simplify my life.

real caring

I want to do the right thing for my guests, my colleagues, my community and the planet. I truly care.

we want you, not ‘someone like you’
we want you, not ‘someone like you’

we want you

We believe that all citizens of the world are equal, regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, size, disability, religion or sexual orientation. We are all human beings and should feel comfortable to be ourselves at all times.

citizenM was founded on the philosophy of inclusion rather than exclusion. On a single set of human values which we all live every day. Treating everyone how you want to be treated yourself, choosing empathy over judgment, and having respect and appreciation for diversity.

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citizenM welcomes you all
citizenM welcomes you all


We value passion, personality and a can-do attitude. We love diversity, and we give everyone the opportunity to learn, develop and grow as professionals and individuals.

Our recruitment and employee journey are designed to attract, develop and retain diverse talent and to embrace individual needs at different career and life stages.


green is good

If you care about the environment, you probably want to work for a company that feels the same. In that case, we're a good match! We think sustainability is as important as being a good neighbour. It's on our mind from the moment we pick a building or conversion site, and for as long as our doors are open.

Our vision puts it simply: we want to influence positive change in a world where we are simply guests.

our ESG work

our charity
our charity


citizenMovement is charitable foundation with a simple goal: to make the world more mobile. By harnessing the collective energy of people who are always on the move (that's our guests, business partners and ourselves), we can change the lives of people for whom mobility is still a luxury they can't afford. Our goal: to shorten the distance between people and opportunities by giving them the gift of mobility.

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