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we make the world feel at home

citizenM is not your average hospitality company, so we are not looking for average joes (or corporate robots). We want people who love people, multitaskers, unique personalities and global minds. We’ll give you all the support and tools so you can do a terrific job and be your absolute best.

In other words: who you are is who we need to make the world feel at home.

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why work for us?

There are over 100 hotel chains in the world.

Only one dares to be different – citizenM. We are red and black in a sea of beige.

We believe in awesome work at work, and in good life outside of work. If you believe in the same – and you want more than just another 'hospitality job' – we could be a great match.


green is good

If you care about the environment, you probably want to work for a company that feels the same. In that case, we're a good match! We think sustainability is as important as being a good neighbour. It's on our mind from the moment we pick a building or conversion site, and for as long as our doors are open.

Our vision puts it simply: we want to influence positive change in a world where we are simply guests.

our ESG work

our charity
our charity

pedal power

citizenMovement is charitable foundation with a simple goal: to make the world more mobile. By harnessing the collective energy of people who are always on the move (that's our guests, business partners and ourselves), we can change the lives of people for whom mobility is still a luxury they can't afford. Our goal: to shorten the distance between people and opportunities by giving them the gift of mobility.

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