a citizen’s guide to Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to the fabulous capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, a city where fairytales meet uber-cool Danish design. With over 600,000 sophisticated Danes calling it home, Copenhagen is where a cultural cocktail meets culinary delights and some serious Scandi-chic. Prepare to fall in love as you stroll through the rainbow streets of Nyhavn and explore food markets that'll give your taste buds a whirlwind ride – this guide covers all you'll need to know for a memorable trip to Copenhagen.

best time to visit Copenhagen

Spring and summer are the absolute best seasons to visit Copenhagen, from April until September. This means zipping around on an electric bike, catching rays and feeling the wind in your hair. You’ll be surrounded by hip neighbourhoods, sun-drenched parks and shimmering waterfronts in their seasonal prime. 

Summery weather turns the city into a vibrant tableau of colours, with glittering canals inviting for a breezy boat tour or a brave splash. During spring you’ll find mild temperatures between 8 and 15 degrees, followed by enjoyable 20 to 25 degrees in summer. Longer days? Yes, please! Count on at least 14-16 hours of sunlight to soak up all the culture, fun and fantastic food Copenhagen has to offer.

getting around in Copenhagen

Flying to Copenhagen? You’ll touch down at Copenhagen Airport (CPH), your gateway to Danish adventures, where you can easily hop on the train to Copenhagen Central Station. Once you're here, glide around like a pro on the city's silky-smooth public transport system or rent a standard or electric bike. Score the Copenhagen Card to make city-hopping a breeze with unlimited public transportation and some sweet discounts on city attractions. Not a fan of public transport? Stretch your legs and go for a stroll around the city centre – your wanderlust (and step count) will find pure delight in the eclectic streets of Copenhagen.

City Hall Square

Get ready to enter a realm where history meets charm and style by beginning your adventure at City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen), the city’s beating heart. Give a nod to the City Hall and do a quick time check on the World Clock.


Next, snap your way through Nyhavn, the city's living colour palette. With wooden ships and alfresco dining, it's a bonafide social media sensation!

Christiansborg Palace

Feeling like royalty? Make your way to Christiansborg Palace. Plus, it's not just a palace – it's where the Danish Parliament convenes. While you’re there, greet the Little Mermaid, patiently waiting by the water for her prince.

Amalienborg Palace

Continue your royal extravaganza at Amalienborg Palace, the Queen's winter residence. Top tip: time it right to catch the Changing of the Guard. Next, move on to Rosenborg Castle, a Renaissance masterpiece that houses the glittering Crown Jewels.

Round Tower

Got some energy to burn? Ascend the Round Tower (Rundetårn), Europe's oldest operating observatory – prepare to gawk at the biggest dome in Scandinavia at the Frederik's Church (Marble Church).


Immerse yourself in the canal charm of Christianshavn, complete with Dutch-style houses. Hop over to King's New Square (Kongens Nytorv) for some architectural eye candy, including the Royal Danish Theatre.


History fanatics, Børsen is your next stop, with a dragon spire more photogenic than a hipster breakfast bowl. Up north, the Citadel (Kastellet), one of Northern Europe's best-kept star fortresses, invites you for a step back in time.

Opera House

Wrap up your tour by marvelling at the contemporary grandeur of the Copenhagen Opera House. When the day is done, citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen hotel awaits with a cosy bed to recharge you for the next day's adventure.

Pack your curiosity and step into the heartbeat of Copenhagen's 8 most eccentric and stylish districts. Each one sports its own unique cocktail of charisma and personality – so get ready for an unforgettable urban expedition.

Indre By

This is where the magic begins! Indre By, the city's historical nucleus, is an enchanting mix of past and present. It's a maze of cobblestone streets waiting to be navigated, boutique stores begging to be explored and snug cafés perfect for that dreamy cup of coffee. As you roam, you'll feel the pulse of centuries-old stories coming alive around you. While you're there, why not check out The King's New Square for some Instagram-worthy shots?


No need for a magic carpet to experience a whole new world – just head over to Vesterbro! The district's transformation from a meatpacking district to an epicentre of hipster paradise is nothing short of miraculous. Stylish boutiques, uber-cool bars and a myriad of food markets make Vesterbro a treasure trove of urban delights. Don't miss out on Kødbyen, where the city's creatives converge to mix old-world charm with fresh ideas.


Craving a cultural feast? Nørrebro is the place for you. The neighbourhood is a lively cultural melting pot, with colourful murals, diverse food markets and a bustling beer bar scene. It's a place where cultures collide in the most beautiful way, resulting in a vibrant community that's authentically Nørrebro. Be sure to make a pit stop at Assistens Cemetery, a peaceful spot with notable Danish greats like H.C. Andersen.


Time to slow down and catch your breath at Østerbro, a breath of fresh air in the city. Ideal for families or anyone seeking a peaceful refuge, Østerbro offers wide boulevards and the city's largest park, Fælledparken. Not to mention the neighbourhood's charming cafés and boutiques are perfect for some downtime after a day of exploration.


Next, we sail to Christianshavn, a maritime gem in Copenhagen's crown. Cobbled streets, winding canals and charming houses are the order of the day here. If you're lucky, you might catch a boat floating by on one of its idyllic canals while you enjoy a smørrebrød – a local open sandwich delicacy.

Freetown Christiania

Don't pack away your adventurous spirit just yet, because you'll need it for Freetown Christiania. An anomaly within the city, this autonomous neighbourhood is an expression of creativity, freedom and unapologetic individualism. With colourful murals, alternative housing and artisanal shops, it's a place that defies convention and embraces the new.


Modernism finds its home in Amager. Cutting-edge architecture, innovative artsy spaces and a refreshing beach vibe make this district a testament to Copenhagen's progressive spirit. Stroll through Amager Strandpark, an urban beach area, and enjoy the juxtaposition of city living with a beachy backdrop.

Islands Brygge: 

Finally, our journey rounds off at Islands Brygge. Just like its sister district, Amager, it emulates a modern, hip vibe. Its creative spaces, eye-catching architecture and lovely beaches make it the ideal spot for urban explorers looking for that blend of city life with a dash of coastal charm.

And there you have it, citizen – your personalised introduction to the Danish capital's most vibrant neighbourhoods.

parks and greens

Copenhagen is a city in love with nature! Start at Fælledparken, the city's largest park, perfect for a friendly game of football or a quiet picnic. Then, Frederiksberg Gardens is your next stop for some rowing action on the lake or peacock spotting. Enjoy the waterfront views from the city's promenades, or visit The King's Garden (Kongens Have), home to the splendid Rosenborg Castle. Lastly, the Botanical Garden is your city sanctuary, packed with palm trees, cacti and blossoming flowers.

Design citizens, we're going on an architectural journey to Copenhagen – the heartland of Danish Modern design. Here, they've taken cool, mid-20th-century vibes and given them a distinctive Danish twist. It's a city where simplicity meets functionality, where design gets down to a human level and where the environment is always part of the conversation. 

Shine Bright at the Black Diamond

This stunning black granite structure reflects Copenhagen's harbour waters beautifully, adding a contemporary glint to the city's skyline.

Get Dramatic at the Royal Danish Playhouse

Overlooking the harbour, its glass and wood facade invites you to enjoy the spectacle, inside and out.

Immerse in the World of Design at the Danish Architecture Centre

This is where the magic of Danish design is unveiled. It's not just a museum – it's a narrative about Danish architecture.

Ride the Wave at Kalvebod Waves

This innovative urban space on the waterfront is the perfect spot to sit back, relax and take in the city's architectural wonders.

Reach for the Sky at Axel Towers

These five circular towers redefine the traditional skyscraper, creating a distinctive, undulating skyline.

Harbor Life at Krøyers Plads

This modern residential development, with its homage to the traditional red brick, is waterfront living at its finest.

Dive Into the Blue Planet

Northern Europe's largest aquarium mesmerises with its whirlpool design. It's quite literally an ocean of modern architecture.

Spot the Frøsilos

Once a silo, now an apartment building. It's a testament to Copenhagen's creative transformation of industrial structures.

Climb the VM Mountain

Literally a mountain-shaped residential building. The view from the top? Absolutely worth the climb.

Live the High Life at VM Houses

Twin residential buildings provide a fun, unconventional spin on urban living. Every window is a new perspective on Copenhagen.

Scale the Maersk Tower

A beacon of research and education in Copenhagen, the metallic, reflective facade is a landmark in the Danish Modern architectural landscape.

In Copenhagen, architecture isn't just about buildings – it's about creating spaces for life, play and imagination. So, put on your walking shoes and get ready to explore a city that treats architecture as an art form. Design citizens, you're going to love this.

culinary wonders

Copenhagen's culinary scene is a foodie's dream, a playground of tastes that are as intriguing as a Danish detective novel. Think local delights at food markets, Michelin-star marvels like The Samuel, Alchemist and the three-star Noma – the city will tantalise your taste buds. Wash it all down with some local Danish beer and don't forget to try a Danish pastry. It's just a delicious crime not to!

shopping scene

In Copenhagen, shopping is not just retail therapy – it's a journey into Danish design. Explore Strøget, one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets, or discover unique finds in boutiques in Værnedamsvej and Jægersborggade. Pick up some Danish design items, local crafts or tasty treats for souvenirs.

where to stay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city that leaves you craving for more. Its vibrant neighbourhoods, rich culture and delectable cuisine make it a true gem to discover. So grab your bags, put on your explorer boots and embark on a Danish adventure you'll never forget. And remember, citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen hotel is always here to welcome you with open arms and a super comfy bed. Until then, vi ses i København (see you in Copenhagen)!

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