a citizen’s guide to Shoreditch London

say 'hello' to Shoreditch

Urban explorers, meet Shoreditch, London's coolest neighbourhood. Imagine an offbeat playground where creativity is the currency and eclectic is the norm. With its blend of art, fashion, food and nightlife, Shoreditch knows how to make a statement – and boy, does it do it with style! Ready to tie up those laces and explore?

Where is Shoreditch?

Let’s start with the basics: where is it? Shoreditch is in the middle of East End of London, flanked by Clerkenwell, Islington, the City and Bethnal Green. Its heart? Old Street – the lifeline connecting you to the rest of the city.

how to get there

Jetting into Shoreditch is a cinch. The Tube? Your chariot awaits at Old Street station – just hop on the Northern Line. If the Overground is more your style, then make a beeline for Shoreditch High Street station. And if you're coming straight from London Heathrow, you'll be there in 60 minutes with a cab.

street art

Art enthusiasts, Shoreditch is a living canvas! The area is famous for its vibrant and ever-changing street art, with murals, stencils, and installations adorning its walls and lanes. We're about to take you on a graffiti-filled joyride through the colourful chaos and creative spirit of Shoreditch. These are our best places to see shoreditch street art:

  1. Fashion Street: This isn't your run-of-the-mill art museum. Get your Instagram ready for murals that make the walls sashay like a runway model. Now, that's fashion!

  2. Chance Street: Take a chance on Chance Street – where every square foot screams creativity, with a mashup of styles and techniques.

  3. Heneage Street: Get lost in this open-air gallery where each piece of art competes for your awe. Never the same, always sensational.

  4. Ebor Street & Sclater Street: Uncover secret masterpieces at every turn. It's like an Easter egg hunt, but for street art lovers.

  5. Allen Gardens: An urban oasis where Mother Nature collabs with artistic geniuses. Green meets graffiti in the most photogenic way possible.

  6. Great Eastern Street, Whitby Street & New Inn Yard: Welcome to the neighbourhood of artistic metamorphosis. Blink and you might miss a fresh splash of genius on these ever-changing streets.

  7. King John Court & Seven Stars Yard: These tucked-away spots are the ultimate treasure troves for those in the know. Spend a moment here and find yourself in an urban Wonderland.

  8. Brick Lane: Not just a curry hub! Be ready to be swept away in a colour whirlwind. Forget the yellow brick road, this lane's all about the technicolour dream murals.

  9. Shoreditch High Street: Feel the pulse of Shoreditch's creative heart in this bustling street, where the concrete canvas tells a thousand tales.

From the flower-strewn streets and mouthwatering street food to hidden vintage gems and sustainable treasures, there's something to tickle every kind of fancy.

  1. Old Spitalfields Market: Dive into this diverse market bursting with vintage clothing, intriguing trinkets, and global cuisine. It's an eclectic mix that will undoubtedly have you charmed at first glance.

  2. Hackney City Farm Yard Market: If you're looking to get your eco-conscious groove on, this is your destination. Packed with local, organic delights and handcrafted items, it's where wholesome vibes meet city life.

  3. Columbia Road Flower Market: A Sunday staple for every flower lover. The street turns into a floral oasis, perfuming the air with a fresh, natural scent that's truly intoxicating.

  4. The Truman Brewery Markets: This cultural mecca overflows with creativity. Expect independent stores, art stalls, pop-up food vendors, and an atmosphere that pulses with energy and innovation.

  5. Brick Lane Market: Your go-to for a lively mélange of antique goods, irresistible street food, and avant-garde designer pieces. It's a treasure hunt with an urban twist.

  6. Backyard Market: Take a detour into this hidden gem teeming with handcrafted jewelry, unique art, and vintage fashion. A discovery to make every visit feel special.

  7. Boxpark: This shipping container turned retail park offers a mix of lip-smacking street food, indie shops, and a buzz that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Shoreditch. Modernity meets marketplace - it's a can't-miss end to your market adventure.

shops and boutiques in Shoreditch

Fashionistas, rejoice! Shoreditch is a treasure trove of boutique clothing stores, high-end fashion outlets, and vintage shops. Visit the likes of Goodhood, A.P.C, and Labour and Wait for unique finds. For thrift shoppers, Beyond Retro and Brick Lane Market offer a cornucopia of vintage and second-hand items. Don't forget to check out Flat Iron Square, a haven for artisan crafts and homeware. Can’t get enough? Explore the best markets to visit in London

Bottomless brunch

  1. What's a better way to start your day off than a bottomless brunch? Spread your culinary wings and head to 'Cocotte Shoreditch', where Paris meets London in a glorious medley of rotisserie chickens, hearty sides, and yes, free-flowing bubbles. It's your passport to a Parisian Sunday right in the heart of Shoreditch.

  2. Hungry for some island vibes? 'Ma Petite Jamaica' is calling. Get ready to experience Camden's Caribbean carnival, right on your plate. Their bottomless brunch has jerk dishes and rum cocktails that’ll make you sway to a reggae beat.

  3. Looking for a bottomless brunch with a twist? 'Ballie Ballerson' is your jam. Picture this: diving into a ball pit with a Prosecco in one hand and a pizza slice in the other. Adulting has never been this fun.

  4. Finally, if you love a good game with your grub, 'Flight Club Shoreditch' is a must. With their darts-themed brunches, they offer you a chance to unleash your competitive spirit while enjoying an array of mouthwatering food and drinks. And with their bottomless pizza, the only fight will be against your waistband. So grab your brunch squad and hit these spots - Shoreditch is ready to serve up the bottomless fun.

best coffee spots

Now let's talk coffee. Start at Ozone Coffee Roasters, an offbeat New Zealand outfit where the beans are as fresh as a daisy and the grub is yum! Coffee and cats? Count us in! Make your way to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium for a fur-tastic time – because what’s better than cuddling with cute kitties while sipping on a latte?

Serious coffee-heads, check out Alchemy Coffee, where your coffee is not just a drink, it's a ritual, an experience, an art form. If you're all about chill vibes, we reckon you'll be fast Friends of Ours. Here, brunch isn't just a meal, it's a way of life. Shoreditch coffee spots - as wonderfully unique as our lobbies and as comfy as our XL king-size beds.

best bars in Shoreditch

When the city lights sparkle, head to a rooftop bar for an astonishing view of the London skyline, or sip a cocktail at one of the many trendy bars.

  1. Nightjar: Step back in time at this cool spot. Nightjar's unique 1920s theme and creative cocktails make it a top choice for anyone looking for a bit of old-school glamour.

  2. Happiness Forgets: This relaxed basement bar is all about chilled-out vibes. Come for the excellent drinks, stay for the cozy, unpretentious atmosphere.

  3. Strongroom Bar: A music lover's dream, Strongroom Bar combines a top-notch selection of craft beers with a vibrant garden. It's a perfect place to unwind and soak up some tunes.

  4. The Seed Library: With its terrazzo tables, cool pine panelling and soft 1960s-stylings, this low-lit basement bar is Mad Men is

best restaurants in Shoreditch

Take yourself on a culinary adventure through the bustling streets of Shoreditch, London's go-to enclave for the food-obsessed.

  1. Dishoom: Brace your tastebuds – the flavours, scents and stories of Bombay's Irani cafés live in every morse at Dishoom, arguably London’s most beloved Indian restaurant. The narrative of this country is rich, and so is its food, which you'll discover bite by delectable bite here. Come hungry! 

  2. Gloria: Next, shimmy on over to Gloria for the best of Italy, served with style. This delightfully flamboyant trattoria is a jamboree of classic old-world charm and belly-filling deliciousness. Taste, sight, smell – it's an all-out sensory carnival, the Italian way.

  3. Padella: Ready to step into pasta-lover's heaven? Padella’s chefs craft authentic Italian magic, one plate at a time. This is pasta as it should be – simple, honest, and oh-so-satisfying.

  4. Smoking Goat: Like your meals with a little punchier? Smoking Goat’s Thai BBQ is just the ticket. It's raw, it's cool, it's got a fiery kick that’ll make your mouth (and maybe, body) dance. It’s as close as you can get to Bangkok without going to Gatwick. 

  5. Manteca: From hearty pasta dishes to succulent meats and fresh seafood, every bite is a celebration of Italian culinary tradition. Manteca invites you to experience the warmth and hospitality of Italy right here in Shoreditch.

  6. Flat Iron: Last, but far from least, Flat Iron – the temple of simplicity. When you do steak this well, the frills are irrelevant. Sit down for a simple meal – a steak, perfectly cooked, and a side or two. Divine.

where to stay in Shoreditch

Arguably the most important question of all, where to crash after a day of art and adventure? You've got options aplenty, from swanky hotels to the urban chic citizenM Shoreditch (we couldn’t help ourselves). Cosy, stylish, and smack in the middle of all the action – that's us for you.

There you go, urban explorers – your guide to Shoreditch. It's quirky, it's creative and it's waiting for you. So put on your best adventurer hat and dive right in!

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