a citizen’s guide to Miami Brickell

say 'hello' to Brickell

Welcome to Brickell— where a cosmopolitan lifestyle meets tropical bliss in Miami's glam financial district. Think skyscrapers and palm trees, luxury shops and art spots, world-class restaurants and a lively nightlife. It's home to many young pros and our urban chic citizenM hotel. Art lover or party-goer? Foodie or fashionista? This is your scene. So, citizens, join us as we dive into the hidden gems between the chic streets of Miami Brickell!

where is Miami Brickell

Look at you, right in the middle of everything! Located within Greater Downtown, Miami Brickell is rubbing shoulders with the energetic Downtown Area to the north, the flavor-filled Little Havana to the west and the chilled-out Coconut Grove to the south. Staying in Miami Brickell means you've signed up for a good time, citizens!

getting into Miami Brickell

Coming straight from Miami International Airport? Easy. Grab a cab, call a ride-share, or if you fancy a scenic route, hop on the Metrorail's Orange Line. Step off at Brickell Station and voila! You've arrived at Miami's glitziest postcode.

Ready to soak up the sizzling Brickell vibe? Start by stretching your legs on The Underline, or trade city views for leafy hues at Simpson Park. For shopaholics, Mary Brickell Village and Brickell City Centre are your retail paradise. Don't forget to enjoy a delicious bite or two while you're there. Later, experience the magic of Brickell's happy hours and toast to a Miami sunset at one of the hip rooftop bars. Culture buffs, you're in for a treat, too – the Miami Circle National Historic Landmark is just around the corner. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive into Brickell!

shopping in Brickell

1. Mary Brickell Village: imagine a bustling Mediterranean bazaar with Miami's sky-high glamour – that's Mary Brickell Village. This adorable shopping nook is all about unearthing treasures, with chic local boutiques and renowned international labels. At Atikshop, discover outfits that scream style without sacrificing comfort. Fitness fans, Lululemon and Equinox have got your back with the latest sporty goodies. Sharp dressers, Stitched is your personal tailor in a shop, waiting to wrap you in bespoke brilliance.

2. Brickell City Centre: once you've had your fill of Mary Brickell Village, Brickell City Centre is waiting to bowl you over. This shopping utopia is a wonderland of shiny high-end labels, all under a climate ribbon that whispers 'Miami cool' (literally). Navigate the maze of luxury at Saks Fifth Avenue, a haven where Gucci, Versace and Alexander McQueen rub stylish shoulders. Prada loyalists, prepare for heart palpitations – the Italian elegance here is off the charts.

3. Apple Store: fashion isn't the only player here. Tech nerds, the Apple store is your gadget utopia, while cinephiles can sit back and munch on popcorn at the deluxe CMX dine-in theatre. What about beauty and wellness enthusiasts? You're in for a pampering treat at Acqua di Parma Barbiere.

parks in Brickell

Brickell, while renowned for its shimmering high-rises and vibrant streets, also boasts a collection of lush green spaces that provide the perfect counterbalance to the neighbourhood's bustling energy. These verdant retreats are sanctuaries of serenity amidst the urban din, offering much-needed breathing spaces where you can unwind, recharge or simply appreciate nature's beauty.

First stop, The Underline. This innovative, linear park stretches beneath the Metrorail line, transforming once-neglected land into a thriving urban trail. Here, meandering paths invite leisurely strolls, cyclists glide on dedicated bike lanes and vibrant murals infuse an artistic charm. The Underline is more than just a park – it's a cultural hub where community events, yoga classes and art installations make every visit a unique experience.

For those who yearn for a more untouched, natural experience, Simpson Park is a must-visit. Nestled on the edge of Brickell, this urban forest is home to a variety of native and exotic trees. Its winding paths lead you through a tranquil wonderland, where the rustling leaves whisper tales of Miami's ecological heritage. It's the ideal spot for a peaceful picnic or an afternoon spent bird-watching.

Last but not least, Brickell Park is a picturesque riverside retreat. This palm-fringed paradise lies along the Miami River Walk Trail, offering stunning water views. Perfect for an evening stroll or a morning jog, this park also hides a historical gem, the Miami Circle National Historic Landmark. Unearth Miami's ancient history as you explore this archaeological site, a silent testament to the city's rich past.

Casa Tua Cucina

Live your Italian-gourmet dreams at Casa Tua Cucina, where this artisan Italian kitchen and market offer a curated selection of gourmet foods, fresh produce and beautifully presented dishes. Think handcrafted pasta made by Nonna’s recipe and a rustic oven spitting out the perfect Margherita pizza – Casa Tua Cucina brings the warm, familial spirit of Italy to Brickell.

Pubbelly Sushi Brickell

This award-winning gastropub mixes Asian flair with Latin American zest. With a vibrant atmosphere and an innovative menu, Pubbelly Sushi reimagines classic sushi into creative bites, like their butter crab roll or tuna pizza. It's not just a sushi spot, but a dynamic culinary journey.

The River Oyster Bar

A haven for seafood lovers, The River Oyster Bar gives you an array of fresh oysters and seafood dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Their chilled lobster cocktail and crab cakes are scrumptious starters, while their signature paella brims with oceanic flavours.

B Bistro + Bakery

This boutique French bakery whips up exquisite brunch dishes and delectable pastries. Indulge in their heavenly almond croissants or try their truffle bun, a delightful balance of savoury and sweet. B Bistro is the perfect spot for breakfast, a quick coffee or a leisurely brunch.


Delve into the robust flavours of Northern Chinese cuisine at Hutong. With a sophisticated setting adorned with hand-painted murals, Hutong brings the spice and spectacle of Beijing to Miami. Their signature Peking duck, carved table-side, is a must-try for any hungry foodie.

La Mar by Gaston Acurio

Feast on Peruvian fare with a modern twist at La Mar, a waterfront restaurant known for its lively setting for savouring traditional Peruvian staples. Their fresh ceviches, anticuchos and lomo saltado have all the makings of a memorable meal.

Edge, Steak & Bar

This stylish steakhouse elevates your classic meat and potatoes. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, Edge serves up succulent cuts of steak, locally sourced seafood and an impressive list of wines. Their Sunday brunch is a gastronomic tour de force.

Osaka Miami

At Osaka, Japanese precision meets Peruvian passion. This Nikkei restaurant offers an intriguing blend of flavours with dishes like wasabi ceviche and wagyu gyoza.

Brickell nightlife

Searching for the ideal location to loosen up after a sun-soaked day of sightseeing or acing business meetings? Say hello to the dynamic nightlife of Brickell! Brimming with trendy bars and classy lounges, this neighbourhood knows how to transition from busy days to vibrant nights. The Brickell happy hour is an institution in itself, promising delectable drinks and lively atmospheres. Let's dive into the heart of Brickell's exciting nightlife and discover where the happiest hours are always in full swing!

But wait, there's more to Brickell's nightlife. Some venues occasionally host live performances, from theatre shows and comedy nights to dance performances. It's a delightful way to infuse culture into your night out. Whether you're up for a relaxing drink or a night of entertainment, Brickell's diverse nightlife has you covered, making it a neighbourhood where nights are as eclectic as sunny days.

best bars in Miami Brickell

Sugar Miami

Perched atop the 40th floor of EAST Miami, Sugar Miami serves more than just extraordinary cocktails. It promises an experience high above the city's hustle, with breathtaking panoramic views that transform each sip into a visual feast. Here, innovation meets mixology, creating a cocktail lineup as spectacular as the vista itself.

Blackbird Ordinary

Blackbird Ordinary is no ordinary bar – it's where Brickell comes to let its hair down. Renowned for its splendid cocktails and easy-going vibe, Blackbird Ordinary isn't just a bar — it's a Brickell institution. Add the rhythm of live music and DJ sets into the mix and you've got yourself an unforgettable Miami night.

MO Bar + Lounge

Overlooking Biscayne Bay, MO Bar + Lounge is where sophistication meets relaxation. The stunning Miami skyline becomes your backdrop as you savour handcrafted cocktails in an ambience that's both upscale and comforting. It's not just a bar, it's an experience designed to impress.

Baby Jane

Baby Jane offers more than just a drink – it offers a warm embrace. Their craft cocktails and comfort food make it a beloved hangout for locals, with the happy hour menu as diverse as Brickell itself. There's something to delight every taste for beer aficionados or cocktail connoisseurs. At Baby Jane, you're not just in Brickell – you're a part of the family.

where to stay in Brickell

Finally, the most important question: where to lay your head after a sun-drenched day of Miami adventures? For a stay that’s stylish, unapologetically different and situated right in the heart of the vibrant Brickell neighbourhood, look no further than citizenM Miami Brickell.

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