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Get ready to sip your way through Paris, citizens! It's not just about the Eiffel Tower and croissants - the city's also a paradise for wine lovers. Imagine wandering down cobblestone streets, popping into charming bistros, and savouring every sip of fine wine like it's a piece of history. From romantic settings to delicious food pairings, there's something magical about enjoying wine in this city. Join us as we uncork the secrets behind why Paris and wine are the ultimate pairing, from hidden gems to must-visit bars.

Rue Montorgueil: where wine flows freely

Ready for a wine-filled adventure in Paris? Head to Rue Montorgueil: Market Street in the 2nd Arrondissement. It's the go-to spot for wine lovers, packed with loads of cosy wine bars. Imagine strolling down charming streets, surrounded by delicious food smells and the buzz of happy people. Here, you'll find all sorts of wine bars, each with its own vibe and tasty wines. Whether you fancy a quiet corner with a Bordeaux or a lively spot for Champagne with pals, Rue Montorgueil has it all. So, why not treat yourself to a wine-tasting spree in this lively Paris neighbourhood? Here's to great times and fantastic wines on Rue Montorgueil! And the best part? It's just a short walk from our citizenM Paris Opera hotel!

must visit wine bars in the 2nd arrondissement

REDD MONTORGUEIL: Situated in Rue Montorgueil, it's a classic spot for Parisian wine and food. They serve up quality organic wines made by small family winemakers who care about nature. Plus, their food comes from top suppliers who also care about quality and sustainability.

Ô Chateau: Located right off Rue Montorgueil, this wine bar offers tastings and classes, making it an ideal spot to expand your wine knowledge with a vast selection of French wines and expert guidance.

Willi's Wine Bar: Right in front of the Palais-Royal Garden, find this Parisian gem born in 1980 out of a love for Rhône wines and a rebellious spirit. With a curated selection of exquisite wines and bistro-style cuisine, they offer a unique gastronomic experience. Join them in the heart of Paris to celebrate the art of wine and the joy of good company.

museums and merlot

Right by the famous Louvre Museum, there are loads of cosy wine bars waiting for you. After checking out world-class paintings all day, now it's time to sip on some top-notch wine. These spots aren't just about drinks – they're all about French charm and tasty wines. These wine bars near the Louvre promise an awesome time in Paris!

Les Caves du Louvre: For a unique experience near the Louvre Museum, visit this interactive wine bar and workshop where you can blend your own wine under expert guidance.

Le Garde-Robe: Another gem near the Louvre, this cozy wine bar is known for its exceptional selection of organic and biodynamic wines, offering an intimate setting and knowledgeable staff.

Verjus Bar à Vin: Discover a haven of natural wines at Verjus, where you can enjoy a curated selection of unique vintages in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. It's even got a tasting cave where you can try fresh seasonal wines.

Wine bars near the Latin Quarter

L'Avant Comptoir: Found in the Latin Quarter, this standing-room-only wine and tapas bar is renowned for its delicious small plates and impressive wine list, offering a cozy and casual atmosphere.

La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels: Situated in the 6th arrondissement, this elegant wine bar caters to connoisseurs with an extensive international wine list, providing a chic setting to indulge in exquisite wines and gourmet bites.

Chez Georges: A timeless wine bar in the 6th arrondissement known for its rustic charm and family-run ambiance, offering a treasure trove of French wines.

Best bars near Montmarte

Le Vin au Vert: Found on the edge of the 9th arrondissement, this small wine bar has a big heart for organic and biodynamic wines, providing a welcoming environment to explore sustainable and delicious options.

Au Bon Coin: Situated in the 18th arrondissement, this authentic Parisian bistro offers classic French dishes and a delightful wine list focused on natural wines. Perfect place to rest your feet after climbing up the steps to Montmarte.

Wine & Les Marais

Le Baron Rouge: A beloved wine institution tucked away in the 11th arrondissement. Famous for its wooden barrels and extensive selection of wines by the glass, it offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for mingling with locals.

La Belle Hortense: Tucked away in the Marais district, this charming combination of a bookstore and wine bar offers a cozy atmosphere and a curated wine selection, perfect for bookworms and wine enthusiasts alike.

Le Barav: Off the typical tourist path in the 3rd arrondissement, this unique wine bar allows you to select wines directly from the cellar, offering a personal and interactive wine tasting experience.

Parisian wine events and festivals

Paris isn't just about wine bars; it's a city that celebrates wine in style. Join us as we explore the lively wine festivals that make Paris a remarkable destination. From Montmartre's grape harvest festivities to winegrower showcases, these events offer tastings, cultural experiences, and a unique way to immerse yourself in the wine culture of the city.

Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre: Toast to the changing seasons every second weekend of October! Sip wine amidst the iconic Montmartre scenery during the grape harvest celebration. Started in 1934, it’s a tradition you won’t want to miss.

Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants: Explore wines from independent French winemakers, discovering their unique craftsmanship every April.

La Fête du Beaujolais Nouveau: Every year on the 3rd Thursday of November, join the lively festivities celebrating the release of Beaujolais Nouveau with tastings and entertainment.

Vigneron Open House Days: Journey through local wineries right in Paris, experiencing their hospitality during open house events. Each winery has their own dates, but it's a safe bet to go in April when wine season is at its peak.

Wine and Food Pairing Workshops: Elevate your culinary skills with educational workshops focused on perfecting wine and food combinations. The perfect plan for any day of the year!

where to stay in Paris

Looking for the perfect spot to kick back after a day of sipping and swirling? Luckily, citizenM has four fantastic locations scattered across the city. Picture yourself sipping wine in the vibrant surroundings of Paris Opera, indulging in a glass of Bordeaux after a day of shopping along the Champs Elysées, or unwinding with a bottle of Burgundy near Gare de Lyon. With citizenM, your Parisian wine journey begins the moment you check in, promising comfort, style, and the best sleep of your life. Cheers to that!

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