a citizen's guide to vintage shopping in Paris

vintage shopping in Paris: trés chic

Ah, Paris, the eternal fashion capital! It's a playground of vintage wonders, beckoning fashion enthusiasts and treasure hunters with its diverse array of retro finds. Picture this: winding streets adorned with vintage shops, quaint second-hand boutiques, and lively flea markets, each boasting a piece of the city's stylish history. Whether you're after a timeless Chanel gem, a swanky 1970s smoking jacket, or some pre-loved Sandro, Paris guarantees a shopping adventure unlike any other.

where to shop in Paris

Bonjour, vintage enthusiasts! Paris is a playground of hidden gems waiting to be discovered in every corner. Venture to the north and dive into the enchanting Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, a wonderland with the world's largest antique market. With seven miles of treasures to explore, it's a haven for seekers of unique finds. Kickstart your journey at Mei Mei Vintage for a handpicked selection of vintage delights.

In the trendy Marais and 10th arrondissements, stroll through streets adorned with vintage boutiques and chic consignment stores, blending contemporary flair with timeless elegance. For a taste of luxury, wander the boutiques around Palais-Royal, where opulent finds await. And when the shopping bags are full, unwind like a true Parisian at one of the city's finest bars or restaurants.

top vintage markets in Paris

  1. Saint-Ouen Flea Market: Explore one of the largest flea markets in Paris, offering a plethora of antique jewelry, vintage clothing, and unique finds. Bargain to your heart's content and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this bustling market.

  2. Porte de Vanves Flea Market: Delve into a genuine street market with a quaint atmosphere and a diverse array of vintage treasures. From everyday objects to curiosities, this charming market is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

  3. Montreuil Flea Market: Unearth hidden gems and oddities at one of the oldest flea markets in Paris. Browse through mechanical spare parts, antique glassware, and vintage clothing, and embrace the thrill of the hunt.

  4. Dauphine Market: Immerse yourself in a vast covered market offering everything under the sun. From jewelry and furniture to classic and contemporary art, this market is a haven for vintage enthusiasts seeking unique finds.

  5. Paris Riverside Booksellers: Embark on a literary journey along the banks of the Seine, where over 225 booksellers offer a vast selection of treasures. Lose yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of this iconic cultural landmark.

chic vintage boutiques in Paris

If you prefer a curated shopping experience, explore these exquisite vintage boutiques:

  1. Didier Ludot: Step into a fashion museum nestled under the arcades of Palais Royal, where historically significant pieces await. Discover treasures from couture's golden age and immerse yourself in the history of French haute couture.

  2. Palettist Vintage: Explore a curated selection of vintage pieces ranging from the '70s to the 2000s, offering both bold statement pieces and classic wardrobe staples.

  3. Palace Callas: Indulge in high-end vintage finds from the late '90s to the early noughties, featuring designer garments and modern on-trend pieces.

  4. Rose Market: Browse through carefully selected pre-loved pieces from the '70s and '90s, including designer labels and vintage gems.

where to stay in Paris

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