our environmental policy

At citizenM, we take sustainability seriously. Our hotels are built and operated with the intention of minimising our environmental footprint. No matter where we set-up home, we respect surrounding communities and manage our impact for the benefit of society, not just ourselves. The goal is simple – while citizenM grows, our environmental impact does not. To do so, every new or existing hotel is monitored and refined in line with five objectives. They are:

- preserve the environment where we build and operate

- minimise the day-to-day impact of our activities

- continually monitor and improve our environmental performance

- achieve high standards of sustainable green building certification at our all owned hotels

- meet all legal environmental compliance obligations

No matter where we own and operate in the world, citizenM meets the following commitments:

- apply sound environmental practices in hotel design, development and operation

- integrate technologies in our hotels to optimise efficiency

- encourage efficient use of materials and resources during hotel construction

- take biodiversity considerations into the development of our hotels

- seek to reduce energy and water use – reuse and recycle resources consumed by our business wherever practical

- integrate renewable energy into the design of our hotels where feasible

- monitor, record and review our environmental performance and greenhouse gas emissions every year

- encourage guests, employees, suppliers and contractors to join us to meet our environmental objectives

- set sound environmental targets and review them on a periodic basis

- communicate our policies, practices and programs with key stakeholders and incorporate our commitments into department objectives when we make business decisions

Klaas van Lookeren Campagne, CEO, citizenM