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The most fun you'll have in 14 sq m.

hotel room, reinvented
hotel room, reinvented

hello, room

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (so we included a picture). But who has time to read a thousand words? We can tell you everything about your awesome citizenM room in just SIX words: supersized essentials, nothing you don’t need.

Yes, it’s really that simple. As simple as our room philosophy. Think about it – this is where you unwind, sleep, refresh, have fun, after a long day of travelling, working, shopping, sightseeing. You need an incredible bed with the world’s fluffiest pillows, a shower that kicks jetlag butt, a big TV loaded with stuff to watch, and superfast free Wi-Fi to upload photos or send some ‘wish you were here’ messages. You got it. And you know what else? It’s all super clean, quiet and cosy. Rest well, citizen. We built this room thinking only of you.

we answer your questions before you ask them
we answer your questions before you ask them

How many people per room? Our rooms are designed for max two people (our beds are perfect for sharing). But please note, we don’t have twin beds, or space for extra beds.

The bed is wall-to-wall, do I have to climb over my companion to get out? Of course not! The beds are square. To sleep, put the pillows by the window. Genius!

Is there a kettle in the room? No kettles in the room, but canteenM serves hot (and cold) beverages all day and all night long (yes, 24/7).

Is there a toilet in the room? Yes there is, and the flush power would easily rival Niagara Falls.

Where do I put my luggage? There’s a drawer under the bed, large enough to fit a contortionist (yes, we actually tested this). Your luggage will fit in too.

Do you have any cheeky room discounts? Sure we do! Sign up and book your room with a discount, always.

go ahead, boss your room around
go ahead, boss your room around

Standing and shivering in your underwear while trying to turn off that blasting aircon? Yeah, we've been there too. No, we're not going there again – and neither should you!

Citizen, meet app and MoodPad – the dynamic duo (much like Batman and Robin, say) that puts complete room control right under your swiping finger. Open and close the blinds... turn lights on and off. Set the temperature just right, surf TV channels and cast your own content via AirPlay or Chromecast. Order food and don't forget dessert. Play an in-room yoga video, or fall asleep to our exclusive Brainwaves soundtrack. Do whatever you want. Stay in bed.

Guests taking a break from tech – don't worry, we've got wall switches too.

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