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Rooms with superpowers

the most fun you’ll have in 14 sq m

Make no mistake: we built this room thinking only of you! That’s why it’s cosy in size, but mighty in powers (you could say it’s the Spiderman of hotel rooms). Sleek, quiet, with a super-size bed, shower and TV, it has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

So what superpowers does your room have, you ask? Well, besides the humongous bed, jetlag-busting power shower, and super-speedy free Wi-Fi, it comes with a MoodPad (an iPad, but with extra magic). Now, you can control the whole room’s ambiance without sticking a toe out of bed. The only thing it won’t do is polish your shoes (but we’re working on that). And if you’re in a blue, pink or orange mood, match the lights with the MoodPad.

We answer your questions before you ask them
We answer your questions before you ask them

How many people per room?
Our rooms are designed for one, maximum two people (our beds are perfect for sharing). But please note, we don’t have twin beds, or space for extra beds.

The bed is wall-to-wall, do I have to climb over my companion to get out?
Of course not! The beds are square. To sleep, put the pillows by the window. Genius!

Is there a kettle in the room?
We have no kettles in the room, but canteenM serves hot (and cold) beverages all day and all night long (yes, it’s open 24/7).

Is there a toilet in the room?
Yes there is, and the flush power would easily rival Niagara Falls.

Where do I put my luggage?
There’s a drawer under the bed, large enough to fit a contortionist (yes, we actually tested this). Your luggage will fit in too.

Do you have any cheeky room discounts?
Sure we do! Sign up and book your room with a 10% discount always.

What does the MoodPad do?

The MoodPad is like your own personal butler: it will do whatever you want, so you can stay in bed. Set the mood for romance, relaxation, or party.

Open and close the blinds… switch lights on and off (and on again). Change the colour of the lights, and set the temperature just right. Not-so-tech guests, don’t worry – there are wall switches for everything too.