just for citizens
just for citizens

a bar of your own

That’s right – this rooftop bar and pool are just for you, citizen. Austin is the perfect city for an intimate rooftop, where you’re welcome to come as you are (no matter how weird that is). While the bar is open until 8:30 PM everyday, the pool is open between 9:00 AM - 8:30 PM. If you can’t beat the heat, join it.

discover our hotel
juicy details

sky-high relaxation

cocktails galore

Our mixologists have fingers so nimble, they could be concert pianists. Order your favourite drink, choose a citizenM signature cocktail, or let our bartenders surprise you with something new.

get fit, stay fit

Good to know: you can break a sweat (even before stepping outside) in our 16th-floor gym. Do sun salutations, pump some iron, or mount a Peloton like you’re native Austinite Lance Armstrong.

no reservations

Because our rooftop bar and pool are exclusive to hotel guests, there’s no stress about making a reservation – there’s always a glass with your name on it.

high as a kite (or bat)

Austin has a unique, ever-changing skyline. And at citizenM Austin Downtown, you get to be a part of it (lucky you!). Find your way to our 16th-floor rooftop bar for that intoxicating head-in-the-clouds feeling.