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cloudM New York Bowery

drink in the views at our rooftop bar on the Bowery

get the right kind of dizzy on the 20th floor

It’s no accident our second New York hotel is 20 floors high. As soon as we got to the Bowery, we knew we had to get you the best view over the Lower East Side – and that’s exactly what we did. Our cloudM rooftop bar on the Bowery has sensational panoramic views, and cocktails to make anyone giddy. In the spring and summer, our outdoor deck with benches and couches is an epic above-the-city experience. Come on up. New York is waiting to show off.

Please note: for your health and safety, we have some temporary new rules at cloudM. Our indoor capacity is 32 and outdoor capacity is 30. All alcohol purchases must be accompanied by food.

We welcome all hotel guests and visitors on a first-come-first-served basis. The maximum group size is 4 people and you are welcome to stay for up to 90 minutes. All members of the group must be present before going up to cloudM. 

There is a mandatory temperature check at arrival for each person (their temperature must be less than 100F or 37.7C). All cloudM visitors must leave name and contact info for tracing purposes.

out of the crowds, into the clouds

Wondering what’s up at cloudM New York Bowery? Here are the juicy details:

  • cloudM is open to all citizens (21+)
  • cloudM is available for private hire
  • we’re accessible by lift from the hotel lobby
  • you’ll find ample indoor seating space and an outdoor terrace
  • we serve cocktails, craft beers, other drinks and snacks

Opening hours:
Thursday - Saturday: 5.00 PM - midnight
Sunday - Wednesday: 5.00 PM - 11.00 PM

Maximum capacity:
indoors - 32 people
outdoors - 30 people

walk this way for elevated escapism

Our rooftop bar is ideal for:
  • - inviting up to 125 people you like (for good times)
  • - up to 200 guests when the outdoor deck is open
  • - feeling speechless when gazing at the view
  • - booking events that need something extra special
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