a new breed of hotel

We disrupted the traditional hotel model to give modern travellers what they want – affordable luxury.

citizenM started with an idea to disrupt the traditional hotel industry by creating a luxury hybrid hotel for today’s modern travellers – eliminating the frustrations these travellers shared. In 2008, we opened our first hotel and designed it around a new type of traveller – one who values a luxury hotel experience in central city locations, but at an affordable price.

A hybrid hotel that isn't just a place to sleep, but somewhere to work, relax, and play. To meet like-minded people and get inspired. Somewhere to feel at home the moment you walk through the door. Somewhere with free Wi-Fi, comfortable furniture, and a great bed to crash in at the end of a long day.

mobile citizens

They cross continents as easily as others cross streets. We named our hotel after them – citizenM.

Modern travellers have more important needs than chocolates on pillows. They love to mix and match their choices, like a Gap shirt with an Armani blazer, or a Zara coat with a Chanel bag. They take the train into town, but order champagne once they get there.

We took this type of traveller and called them ‘mobile citizens’, or citizenM for short.

Every decision we made, and continue to make in our hotels, is based around them and their ever-evolving appreciation of luxury and value. We call this ‘affordable luxury for the people’.

a brand with attitude

We aren’t afraid to do things differently, to have fun, and to shout it to the world.

We are what we say, and we say we won’t conform to old-fashioned standards. citizenM is a brand with attitude, and a strong but fun personality. A brand that connects with the young at heart, targeted to the global traveller of today. We like pushing boundaries to pull you in. We always run pretty crazy ad campaigns to announce our hotel openings. From performances by hired actors in NYC to cheeky notes intended for our hospitality colleagues in London, we really know how to make an impact on the streets.

hotel experience

Join us on a journey through the world of citizenM and see what sets us apart from any other hotel.

It’s impossible to confuse citizenM with any other hotel. We don’t look or sound like anyone else. We are proudly colourful, confident and arty. We even have a signature scent. And that’s just the first impression. It’s easy to stand out when you’re black and red in a sea of beige.

Our rooms have everything modern travellers value, like enormous ultra-comfortable beds, unlimited free Wi-Fi and entertainment. 24/7 food and drinks are always waiting at canteenM. And best of all, our ambassadors are every guest’s best friend. It’s simply undeniable: you always know you’re at citizenM.


Hello superfast check-in, nice to meet you.

We know your time is precious, that’s why we don’t want to waste any of it, not even when you check in or out. We swapped the tedious form-filling for self-service check-in at touch-screen terminals. It takes just 60 seconds to check in, 30 to check out, and our friendly ambassadors are always there to help.

Room keys are RFID cards that double as payment method at canteenM, as luggage tags on your way home, and new keys for your next stay at citizenM. Clever, huh? And when you check out, your receipt goes straight to your email inbox.

living rooms

Feel at home, even if home is 5,000 miles away.

We know our beds are the best in the world, but we don’t want anyone to feel they have to stay in the bedroom. We made our living rooms as inviting as possible by creating multiple corners for working and eating, lounges for relaxing, and places for sitting and watching TV.

Our ‘curated chaos’ includes exceptional art, books, designer furniture by Vitra, kitschy souvenirs and local artefacts. We use natural materials and add splashes of colour in the form of big cabinets and their styling, adjusting to the seasons, the city, the neighbourhood, or changing fashions, without ever going out of style.

‘Check in for an overnight revolution at citizenM’

The Independent


The Earth without art is just ‘eh’.

Our hotels are designed to make citizens feel comfortable enough to kick off their shoes and take a nap surrounded by accessible, inspiring artworks.

Can you imagine doing that at an art gallery or a museum? Whether it’s on our facades, in our living rooms, in the lifts, or at societyM, we like to mix the recognisable with art that makes you think. The main focus of our collection is conceptual art: works that stand for something, convey a certain philosophy, and stir up ideas.

the five M's


This is the M you can really sink your teeth into, at 3.00 AM or 1.00 PM. We wouldn’t want to tell our guests what or when they can eat. Jet lag, late nights, early mornings, and unexplainable cravings are all part of exploring the world. canteenM is a 24/7 pit stop for hungry citizens, offering only the best food and drinks: barista-made coffee, oven-fresh croissants, colourful salads, and much, much more. Because a club sandwich with a toothpick just won’t cut it anymore.


This M is for meetings, but not as you know them. We call our creative meeting rooms and co-working spaces ‘societyM’. We added them to many of our hotels, but they’re not hidden away in basements. They have plenty of daylight, ergonomic Vitra furniture, innovative chalkboard or whiteboard walls, inspiring art and design, and optional food and beverage packages available by request. In other words, the perfect setting for big ideas.


On the top floors of our flagship citizenM hotels, you can really have your head in the clouds at the elegant cloudM bars. Accessible only to guests and their pre-approved friends, cloudM is also suitable for private hire. The designer-furniture theme has been extended all the way to the clouds, and we brought our expert mixologists upstairs too – because the world’s most impressive skylines look best with a signature cocktail in hand.

‘Modern and lively: a space that feels more like an arty friend’s apartment than a hotel’

The Daily Telegraph


Personalities wanted.

We hire our ambassadors purely based on their personalities. Instead of a traditional interview, we hold a fun casting day. The result: amazing teams in every hotel. Curious, well-travelled and open-minded, they embody the typical mobile citizen.

They are also completely multifunctional: they’ll help you check in and also shake up the perfect cocktail. We don’t believe in segmenting people into concierge, receptionist, or bar staff. We want our ambassadors to be completely free to do what’s best for each guest.

citizenM rooms

The bigger your bed, the better your dreams.

We’re not sure which part of our room is our favourite: the wall-to-wall beds and windows, powerful rain showers, or tablet-controlled ambient settings. Perhaps it’s the fact that we only have one type of bed (king-size double), or that we stripped away all unnecessary and unwanted extras to give our citizens everything they truly need. Or maybe it’s the superfast free Wi-Fi and streaming. Take a tour and decide for yourself.