centralised business model

We are a fully integrated real estate developer; design and project management company; and a hotel operator.

Our local teams based in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America develop and operate hotels in the most exciting cities in the world. Our unique and competitive value proposition of ‘affordable luxury for the people’ is a first in the hotel industry, transforming every corner of our business with high profitability and premium returns.

Since we own many of our hotels, we fully understand how to balance costs, risks and returns. Our experience and the involvement of our design and construction teams means we minimise costs, manage timelines, and reduce risks when developing citizenM hotels. We create unique hotels by using standardised elements wherever possible, and developing bespoke designs where they matter most.

value proposition

We are building a global portfolio of citizenM hotels in prime metropolitan locations and at major international airports.

Our teams have extensive knowledge and networks to facilitate acquisition of prime worldwide locations. Achieving higher profitability per square metre than any other hotel is no accident. Our unique and competitive value proposition is a first in the hotel industry, transforming every corner of our business with high profitability and premium returns.

The following factors all contribute to superior GOP margins, and higher profitability per square metre than any other hotel.

successful lifestyle brand

Generating upscale revenue.

We've created a standout lifestyle brand with a bold and fun personality. At citizenM, we connect with the young-at-heart global traveler by pushing boundaries and rejecting old-fashioned standards. With strong offline and online social networks, we effectively reach our audience. Our web-exclusive distribution ensures the best rates for individual travelers, maintaining transparency with a single pricing model. This approach boosts guest satisfaction and performance.

smart design

Result: efficient usage of space, and efficient operations.

Each hotel is as individual as its host city, but instantly recognisable. Inside, you'll discover smart, standardised rooms with customizable ambiance via our MoodPad. Our locations feature distinctive offerings like rooftop bars (cloudM), creative meeting spaces (societyM), city-view gyms, and convenient grab-and-go coffee shops (coffeeM).

Through innovative space allocation, we occupy just half the floor space of traditional upscale hotels while upholding top-notch quality. Our efficient operations further reduce square meters. This is our key ingredient, allowing us to create twice as many rooms on a smaller footprint compared to traditional upscale hotels.

centralised tech-based operations

Delivering high profit margins.

Hotels are managed like a retail business with streamlined operations, combining light hotel teams with a high degree of centralisation. We trust in technology to help us deliver the best possible service to our guests, and a consistently excellent experience no matter which hotel they visit. Proprietary software connects all our hotels for real-time updates. The software is fully scaleable and easily adapted to include new hotels as we grow our portfolio.


  • centralised and streamlined operations

  • standardised hotel management

  • low fixed-cost base and higher margins

  • outsourced housekeeping

  • low operating costs


  • 60-second check-in, 30-second check-out

  • technology helps deliver genuine human service

  • hotels centrally connected through proprietary software

  • VoIP call rates and MoodPads in rooms

  • real-time hotel monitoring for optimal guest experience

standardised construction

Reducing development time and cost.

citizenM is the first and only hotel built entirely from prefabricated rooms. Just like the production of a car, we first started sketching a blueprint of the room. Then we created a prototype and figured out how to make it operational.Where possible, the parts – which are built in different places – are assembled at our factory in mainland Europe. Here, they even make the bed, hang the TV and lock the doors. The prefabricated rooms are then wrapped in plastic, pressurised to keep windows in place, and shipped to the construction site, ready to become the next citizenM hotel.