your work trip – bettered

‘bettered’ is a real word, plus other fun stuff for business travellers

Returning to the same city is great – you know the hot spots, the distances, and that good supper club. But a new city? No matter how much you prepare, there’s always a surprise or three.

Among all the usual business travel advice, there are a few rare gems – and we don’t mind sharing them, because we know they might make your next trip better. One tip involves your shoe. Read on.

walk this way

Top tip – before you book a hotel, check the walking distance between it and the main train station. Why? Travel is full of surprises – you may arrive during a strike, storm, major sports event, heck... even a rock concert has stopped some business travellers in their tracks.

The point is – you may not be able to take a taxi, Uber, bus or any other mode of transportation. Don’t be stuck – walk.

Some citizenM examples: walk to your hotel in 10 minutes in Zurich; 12 minutes in Copenhagen; 18 minutes in New York (Grand Central Station to Times Square). The shortest walk? That’s 0 minutes to citizenM Tower of London hotel – it’s built on top of Tower Hill tube stop.

download the app

With the citizenM app, you’ll sail through your hotel as easily as Mariah Carey sails through all those high notes.

Start check-in before you leave home, and enjoy a free drink right after arrival (all app bookings come with a free welcome drink). Order food and drinks, pay for purchases, control your room ambiance... and after check-out, download your invoice instantly. App with superpowers? Absolutely.

got the citizenM app?

talk to hotel ambassadors

At every citizenM hotel, there are ambassadors who know the city like their own pocket. They will give you better restaurant recommendations than any Google search, and the location of the nearest supermarket. They know where to buy best souvenirs, which local food you must try, and which taxis are safe to take.

Yes, you can look it all up online – but hearing it from a hotel ambassador who loves the city... that can make your trip.

find your focus

What is it that helps you focus? Is it a nice hot cup of coffee? Or a buzzing workspace? Do you work better on a couch, or at a desk? Whatever you need, arrange it and set yourself up for success. citizenM living rooms are perfect for people who like a lot of natural light, a buzz just below ‘busy cafe’ level, plenty of seating choices, and inspiring art and objects to gaze at.

And that coffee? Only the best – just tell us how you like it.

put a shoe in the safe

We heard this tip before it went viral on Tik Tok – it’s for all you busy-brain people who often forget something in the room safe. Put one shoe in the safe together with your valuables – and you’ll never forget them, guaranteed.

Guests forget things in safes all the time – trust us, we see it all the time. One shoe solves the problem.

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