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citizenM Amsterdam South hotel

only citizens

always get our best rate and lots of other goodies. So, get to work and sign up.


10 minutes from Schiphol Airport by train


and RAI congress center within walking distance of hotel.

Review by tonymC7139VF
6 days and 9 hours ago

“Really good hotel made better by friendly staff from Glasgow!”
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  • Bed and wall-to-wall window in the citizenM Amsterdam South hotel room
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      1. citizenM says: beds so big you’ll need a compass to cross them


      The citizenM bed is a gigantic 2 metres by 2 metres with the finest luxurious Italian linen and pillows fluffier than a baby duckling. Enjoy it all to yourself, or share it with a friend. But only 2 citizens max allowed per room, please. So no parties (sorry).

  • Overview of the hotel room in citizenM's Amsterdam South hotel
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      1. citizenM says: the best showers this side of the rainforest


      The citizenM rain shower has been specially designed to wash away even the harshest jet lag from the longest-haul traveller. So, if you've just stepped off a never-ending flight, and you're not sure if it's morning, afternoon or the middle of the night, make your way to your fancy citizen room - you'll feel fresh as a daisy and wide awake like you've just had the best night's sleep of your life.

    • 2

      2. Shampoo. Hooray


      There's even citizenAM and citizenPM shower/shampoo for day or night. Specially developed by the talented noses responsible for creations by Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf and Helmut Lang to trick you into believing it's day time (or night time).

  • Ipad and guest grabbing popcorn at citizenM Amsterdam South
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      1. citizenM says: please abuse the free Wi-Fi & free movie collection


      Megalomaniacs will love the innovative tablet MoodPad. It lets you control the entire room, including TV, window blinds, temperature, coloured lighting, and wakeup alarm themes all from the comfort of your XL bed. No more messing around in your underpants trying to work out the air con controls or how to switch the lights off. It’s all about stylish, straightforward luxury from our amazing Amsterdam South hotel.

citizenM says: beds so big you’ll need a compass to get out

The citizenM room has affordable luxury coming out of its ears, including:

  • XL king size, super comfy bed
  • luxurious bed and bath linen
  • the softest and fluffiest pillows
  • ambient mood lighting
  • wall to wall window
  • blackout blind
  • rain shower for washing away jet lag
  • free movies
  • free Wi-Fi for Facebooking all your snaps
  • international plug system

Absolutely no trouser presses, bellboys, towel swans, or pillow chocolates.


Amsterdam South hotel




citizenM Amsterdam South hotel

Prinses Irenestraat 30
Amsterdam, NL, 1077 WX


please visit our support pages for our contact details

parking? here

  • Part of the living room of the citizenM Amsterdam South hotel
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      1. citizenM says: the lobby that looks suspiciously like your living room


      With our amazing hotels at citizenM, the lobby is designed to function as your living room. Contemporary living spaces equipped with Vitra furniture and the dangerously plump cushions. All ideal for chilling, hanging, watching TV, Facebooking, working, and pretending to work.

  • iMac and flexworking space in the Amsterdam South hotel of citizenM
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      1. citizenM says: there's iMacs for important stuff like status updates and generally looking cool with


      The living room is kitted out for every occasion, whether you want to work, relax, eat or hang out with friends. There's iMacs for important stuff like status updates and generally looking cool with. Oh, and free Wi-Fi throughout every last nook and cranny of the entire Amsterdam hotel. Perfect for digital explorers.

  • Part of the hotel lobby of citizenM Amsterdam South
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      1. citizenM says: work, meet and play all in the same space, but not at the same time


      If you aren't bound by an office, the citizenM living room is a relaxed, informal, atmosphere ideal for doing business in. With comfy, but serious deal-sealing furniture, great connectivity, fresh barista-brewed coffee, and tempting pastries, our amazing hotels are stylish, cool and practical.

citizenM says: always stay in a hotel as nice as your home (unless you live in a tent)

We realise that when you’re at home, you mostly use the bedroom for sleeping in and hang out in the living room and kitchen instead. So, unlike other boutique hotels in Amsterdam, we cunningly designed our rooms around sleeping, our lobby to feel like a living room and our canteen to be all homely and, er, kitcheny.
Clever, eh?



Minute check in/out


Wifi. Always


Hour Food & Drinks


cost for movies


room prices (starting from)

  • canteenM in citizenM Amsterdam Zuid
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: breakfast – the meal of kings (and the modern traveler)


      Instead of a traditional buffet, canteenM offers several breakfast options. Grab whatever you fancy from a choice of fresh, flaky croissants and other buttery pastries, muesli, yoghurt, or fruits. Or both. And wash it all down with freshly brewed coffee or tea at the bar. Breakfast can be booked in advance for only €13.95 (€ 16.95 if purchased on the day). Check the reservations page for details. Bon appetite.

  • Buffet for dinner and breakfast at canteenM in citizenM Amsterdam
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      1. citizenM says: lunch. The most important meal of the day if you skipped breakfast


      canteenM offers a choice of signature sandwiches, salads, sushi, warm dishes and more. All from carefully chosen local products made by equally carefully chosen, nice local people.

  • Cocktails served in the hotel bar at citizenM Amsterdam Zuid
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      1. citizenM says: where the cocktails become more unpronounceable the more you drink


      In the evening, our slick 24hr hotel bar offers spirits, cocktails, champagne & draught beer. As well as a Cocktail of the Day - if you're feeling adventurous. canteenM is a casual grab and go affair. So if you don't fancy going out for dinner, and you want something quick, easy and convenient, or you just have the munchies, canteenM is always open 24/7, and full of the best of the best. Incredible barista-brewed coffee, flaky croissants fresh from the oven, expertly mixed cocktails, draught beers and great fresh food and snacks.

canteenM: a 24/7 pit stop for hungry citizens

At canteenM we serve excellent barista-brewed coffee, fresh pastries, and full belly-busting breakfasts. A lunch or evening diner for sushi, signature sandwiches, and warm dishes, as well as dozens of drinks and beverages to quench your thirst.

And in the evenings a cool, relaxed 24hr bar with beer on tap, champagne on ice and cocktails to order. canteenM is at the heart of citizenM and is surrounded by relaxing living, eating and drinking spaces.


behind-the-scenes look courtesy of our mobile citizens. Share yours by tagging #citizenMamsterdam


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