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Amsterdam South hotel

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7 mins from Schiphol Airport


6 mins from Zuid train station


located in Zuidas business district

12 minutes to face-to-face with a Van Gogh


minutes by foot to Amsterdam Zuid metro, tram and train station


citizenM Amsterdam South hotel

Prinses Irenestraat 30
1077 WX Amsterdam


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living room filled with art and Vitra Furniture

feet up, read up

At a traditional hotel, you can choose to hang out in the lobby (but who would do that?), the restaurant (where you won't be left alone by the waiter) or your bedroom – not always the best option. You deserve better, citizen! That's why we designed you a stylish, comfortable, art-and-books filled space with a kitchen at the heart of it.

We call it the living room. Clever, eh? Sit down, put your feet up and feel just like home. 


all day, all night, all hungry citizens

canteenM isn't a restaurant, but a kitchen for modern mobile citizens. It's a breakfast bar in the morning, a fully loaded lunch spot in the afternoon and a cocktail/wine bar in the evening. Later, it transforms into an all-night cure for snack attacks. Oh, it serves quick and delicious dinners too when you don't have time to eat in the city. Just like home... but better! 

at least 10% off your next stay...

that's not a welcome discount – it's always-and-forever discount
societyM meeting rooms
societyM meeting rooms

you want to break free?

Are you like us: you hear the word 'boardroom' and you immediately feel stressed and fatigued? It's time to fire the boardroom and come to our creative meeting space instead – societyM. It's all about creativity, colour, natural daylight, walls to write on, and ultra-fast Wi-Fi. Of course, we haven't forgotten the most important thing – coffee. It's free and unlimited. Have a good meeting!