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Rotterdam hotel

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1 stop to Rotterdam Centraal


2 mins to Cube Houses


4 mins walk to Markthal

twist your mind at the Cube Houses, recover in your XL bed


train stop from Rotterdam Centraal


citizenM Rotterdam hotel

Gelderseplein 50
3011 WZ Rotterdam


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living room
living room

work, wine, Wi-Fi?

If you were at home, you'd probably drink wine, work and surf the Wi-Fi in your living room, right? Now you can do the same... in ours! Lobbies are so 1980s, we've decided to give the space to you instead. Books, art, cocktails, designer furniture – it's your living room, so enjoy it!


fun in a cup

Home is where the barista is? Definitely – and especially when the barista is also a mixologist who shakes a mean cocktail. We're talking about canteenM, of course – the 24/7 kitchen where fresh continental breakfasts, filling lunches and fast-but-delish dinners are served to all mobile citizens of the world. We're even happy to accommodate midnight snack attacks. Cheers!

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save on room, spend on cocktails (or shopping, or sightseeing...)
societyM meeting rooms
societyM meeting rooms

your meeting, but with Vitra

It’s time to put that Rotterdam mentality into practice. Big meetings rooms and big personalities will get on just fine at societyM, but small ideas have room to grow just the same.

We’ve got all the luxury you need, including really comfy chairs. You can either book a boardroom at societyM, or just bring your laptop and set up at one of the many workstations, it’s your call.