societyM meeting rooms

Dull boardrooms, you’re dismissed. Say hello to societyM - unique meeting rooms for unique minds, open for business in the world’s most exciting cities.
Goodbye to beige cubes and stiff chairs, and hello to colourful spaces brimming with inspiring art, natural light, superfast Wi-Fi, smart TVs and ultra-comfortable Vitra furniture instead.
Think you’ve seen every kind of meeting room so far? Think again...

where is your next meeting?

what's in my room?

We’ve heard that regular meeting rooms charge you for every single cable, use of the smart TV’s, and even Wi-Fi! That’s just not how we roll. At societyM's meeting rooms, you can just turn up, plug in, and play! And if there’s anything you can’t find – or don’t know how to work – our tech-savvy ambassadors are happy to lend a hand. In your room:

  • designer furniture by Vitra

  • smart TV 

  • pens, paper, mini notebooks, post-its, markers

  • blackboard or whiteboard walls

  • free coffee, tea and water

  • superfast, unlimited Wi-Fi

plan, pitch, present...

Whatever type of meeting you want to host, we welcome it. From full-on product launches to small start-up brainstorms, we’ll make sure yours is one for the books. Most of our creative spaces and meeting rooms are set up in boardroom style, but some locations also have a theater-style setup, perfect for screenings and larger groups. societyM is ideal for all these:

  • interviews

  • training and workshops

  • press events and networking

  • book and product launches