our living rooms = your office
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our living rooms = your office

+ members co-work for free

Hey, mycitizenM+ member – are you ready for a groovy shake-up of your office set-up? All citizenM living rooms (except Taipei) are now open to you for FREE co-working; no hotel room booking required. Just flash your citizenM app when you arrive at the front desk of your chosen hotel. Top tip: use the citizenM app to pre-book a free spot in New York (our most popular co-working city). Everywhere else, it’s first-come-first-served basis.

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Not a member? No problem – you’re still welcome! Buy a one-time co-working day pass at the hotel front desk for $25 / £20 / €23. This pass is valid for one day.

But – honestly – WHY do that, when the membership is cheaper AND packed with amazing global perks you can enjoy immediately? Pay just $12 / £9 / €10 per month and get free co-working for a whole year, plus so much more.

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how co-working works

1. pick a co-working location

Co-working is available at all hotels (not Taipei) on a first-come first-served basis. mycitizenM+ members can pre-book seats in New York (our most popular city) via the citizenM app.

2. rock up to the hotel

Stop at the hotel front desk to register for co-working (11.00 AM - 6.00 PM). Members get waved in like VIPs. Non-members – buy a day pass, or become a member on the spot.

3. download the app

Download the citizenM app and log in. In the ‘profile’ section, you’ll see your name and member badge. Check out all your other perks while you’re at it! Not a member yet? Sign up above.

4. check in and enjoy!

Whatever you need, you got it. Free filtered water, 15% off all food and drinks, superfast Wi-Fi, comfy seats. You can even print in b&w (no novels please). And our coffee? Legendary.

where can you cowork?

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As a + member, you co-work for free at any citizenM hotel.

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co-working FAQs

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membership FAQs

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