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Lucky citizens like you get 6 free months of mycitizenM+, the first hotel membership of its kind. Perks include a 15% off every stay, free late check-out and a whole load more lovely perks.

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mycitizenM is good – but mycitizenM+ is better. Here’s why. As a mycitizenM member, you’re guaranteed the best price on the market. Great, right? Sign up to mycitizenM+ and you’ll get 15% off on top of that! See the difference (and sign up) below.

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Do you want more, more, MORE? This is the membership for you: all the perks of mycitizenM, plus much more. Carpe diem, savvy citizen!

  • best price guarantee
  • early access to sales
  • full use of the citizenM app
  • 15% off, ALWAYS
  • guaranteed room (48 hrs notice)
  • free late check-out & premium view
  • 'first in queue' chat service

$12 / £9 / €10 / month

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your questions, answered

How do I redeem the promo code?

There are two ways you can redeem the Free Trial promo code:

(1) While you book a stay via the website or the citizenM app:

  • Select the hotel and dates

  • Choose the mycitizenM+ rate

  • Login or create an account

  • Enter your details, the promo code and payment details (you will not be charged if you cancel your Free Trial period before it ends)

  • Click continue button to immediately apply the Plus plan benefits to your booking, and start your Free Trial

(2) Via the mycitizenM+ page.

  • Login or create an account

  • Enter your address (for invoicing purposes)

  • Add code to ‘’promo code’’ field and click apply

  • Enter payment details (you will not be charged if you cancel your Free Trial period before it ends)

  • Click pay now to confirm the start of your Free Trial

When does the promo code expire?

Promo code expiry dates can vary. You can find this information in the original communication about your promo code or check its validity during the redemption process.

How long is the Free Trial period?

It depends on the promo code. You will see this while you redeem the code, or in the original communication about your promo code.

My promo code isn’t working, what do I do?

Check spaces, spelling, capital letters, expiry date. If it still does not work, click the 'live chat support' box at the bottom right of this screen to connect to one of our friendly humans.

What happens when my Free Trial comes to an end?

The day after your Free Trial period ends, the Free Trial will automatically convert to a twelve-month paid Plus plan (unless you cancel before the end of the Free Trial period).

How do I cancel mycitizenM+ membership?

All memberships - the monthly and the annual - come with a 14-day cancellation period if you change your mind.

If you start with a free trial, you can cancel your membership anytime during the trial period with no obligation, and the 12-month paid period will not begin.

To cancel your membership, log into your citizenM account, go to the 'membership' section, then follow the steps. We will send you an email to confirm the cancellation and the remaining terms (remaining time, how many payments still remain, etc).

Can I continue to use Plus benefits after canceling my membership?

If you cancel before your Trial Period ends, you can still enjoy the benefits of Plus until the final date of your Free Trial. All your stay bookings must start and end before that final date.

If you make any bookings which fall after (or overlap with) the Free Trial end date, these bookings will be automatically cancelled when you cancel your Free Trial.

I’m on a Free Trial but saw a better offer, can I switch to get the better deal?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to change your Free Trial period once your Trial has started, and multiple promo codes cannot be combined. For example, if you’re on a one-month Free Trial and see an offer for a three-month Free Trial, it’s not possible to switch to the three-month, or add it to your existing Trial period.

I have more questions about mycitizenM+ membership!

You have questions, we have answers! Read the full mycitizenM+ terms & conditions here.

Need more answers? Click the 'live chat support' box at the bottom right of this screen to connect to one of our friendly humans – or use WhatsApp at +44 744 417 1707.

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