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the ultimate hotel membership
the ultimate hotel membership

mycitizenM+ members get 50% off

Are you a mycitizenM+ member? Your co-working day pass is half price, and you still get all the perks. Day passes are limited to living room capacity.

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How do I buy a day pass? Is it possible to pre-book?

You can buy your day pass on the day itself by approaching one of our ambassadors at the hotel. It’s not currently possible to pre-book a day pass. Getting a day pass is subject to available living room space at the time of purchase.

How will you know I’ve purchased a day pass?

You will receive a sticker with the date on it as an identifier.

Can I use the day pass F&B discount for a drink after 6pm?

Yes, we’d love for you to stick around after work! Check out our signature cocktails, local wines & craft beers – there’s no better after-work treat.

Can I bring my friend, or will they also have to purchase a day pass?

This pass is an individual pass, so each of you needs to purchase one.

Is there a place to charge my phone/computer?

There are plenty of power outlets throughout the space. We are nothing if not tech-ready.

Is water free?

Yes. Stay hydrated all day long with our filtered water.

Can I bring my own food?

Outside food is not allowed in our spaces. canteenM – our in-house bar & restaurant – is open 24/7 with a selection of hot & cold drinks and comfort food.

I sometimes have to make private calls. Is there somewhere I can do this?

Our societyM meeting rooms can be used to make calls but must be booked separately (this costs extra and a room must be available).

How is the noise level in the space?

Moderate. We grind our coffee beans fresh – one of the reasons our barista coffee is so delicious. We also play ambient music throughout the day, so bring headphones if you prefer your own playlist.

I need to use the bathroom or run for an errand. Can I safely leave my things unattended?

Please keep an eye on your belongings at all times as you will be using a common space. citizenM is not responsible for loss or theft of any items during your visit.