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say hello to Boston

Citizens, meet Boston, the heart of Massachusetts, packed with a rich past, pulsing neighborhoods, mouthwatering eats, and a sports vibe that's in a league of its own. It’s the birthplace of the American Revolution, a history buff's dream come true. From the iconic Freedom Trail to the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill, every nook and cranny tells a story. But it's not all about the past! Boston's present-day culture thrives in its love for sports (ever heard of the Red Sox?), excellent universities, and a diverse arts scene.

Still think you know Boston? Think again! Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this citizens guide will help you plan the best city trip to Boston. So, buckle up and prepare to dive into the heart of New England.

where is Boston?

Boston is the largest city in New England, nestled on the east coast of the United States. As the capital city of Massachusetts, it's got speedy routes to other city bigwigs like New York (just a 216-mile jump away) and Philadelphia (a mere 316-mile jaunt). But hey, with the vast ocean, tranquil bay, and idyllic islands all as part of Beantown’s playground, why would you dream of being anywhere else? Boston's stunning bay is the front-row seat to some of Mother Nature's finest work. Plus, there's an archipelago of dreamy islands just off the coast. So grab your seafaring spirit and let's dive into everything you should know about Boston.

best time to visit Boston

The best time to visit Boston is from June to October, with spring and early fall being the sweet spots. Around that time, average temperature ranges from 16°C to 21°C – perfect for a city trip. Visit in April and you can witness the iconic Boston Marathon. Love jazz music? Swing by in September for the annual Beantown Jazz Festival.

Not your climate couture? Don’t worry citizens, Boston's a beauty year round. The city’s continental climate is a four-season spectacular, making there's a perfect moment for everyone to visit. Winters? Think temperatures below zero, snowball fights and icicles. Summers? Get ready for the 28°C sizzle, with the occasional surprise thunderstorm for extra zest. So grab your calendar, pick a date and find your perfect Boston moment.

Back Bay

A neighborhood renowned for its picturesque rows of Victorian brownstones. A shopper's paradise, Back Bay is home to the high-end boutiques and designer shops that line Newbury Street. Don't forget to visit the Boston Public Library and the historic Trinity Church!

Beacon Hill

Cobbled streets, charming brick houses, and the iconic gold-domed Massachusetts State House define this historic neighborhood. Grab a cup of coffee and lose yourself in the antique shops and independent boutiques that line Charles Street.

North End

With its narrow streets, quaint bakeries, and Italian eateries, Boston's North End echoes the charming Old-World neighborhoods of Italy. The smell of fresh pasta, cannoli, and espresso fill the air in this Little Italy.

West End

Old meets new in this lively spot, brimming with history and humming with the now. Need a health fix or a hoop game? Massachusetts General and TD Garden have you covered. It's bustling, it's growing and it's got the best place to stay— citizenM Boston.


Home to Fenway Park and the beloved Red Sox, this neighborhood is a hub of excitement, especially on game days! Beyond baseball, it's a cultural hotspot with the Museum of Fine Arts and Symphony Hall.

Downtown/Financial District

The beating heart of Boston, this area combines modern skyscrapers with historic sites like the Old State House. Enjoy shopping at Downtown Crossing or explore the food stalls of Quincy Market.

South End

This neighborhood's charming brick townhouses, tree-lined streets, and plethora of art galleries and boutiques give it a distinct identity. Visit SoWa Open Market for a taste of local food and art.


History resonates in this neighborhood, home to the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution. Its gas-lit streets, historic homes, and the Freedom Trail make it a must-visit.

Seaport District

This trendy neighborhood offers breathtaking views of Boston Harbor, contemporary art at the ICA, and an array of waterfront dining options. A new kid on the block but full of Bostonian charm!

sights and attractions

Boston is bursting at the seams with 'Oh wow!' sights and 'I've gotta see that!' attractions. We're talking a mixtape of history-filled haunts, leafy retreats, and some rather peculiar curiosities. Fancy stepping into the shoes of the founding fathers? Or maybe just a nice spot for a sarnie? Well, buckle up and let's kick off our grand tour of Boston's can't-miss spots. Eyes peeled and cameras ready - let's roll!

Freedom Trail

This 2.5-mile-long path takes you through 16 of the most significant historic sites in Boston. From the Massachusetts State House to the USS Constitution, this trail weaves the story of the American Revolution like no other.

Boston Common

Established in 1634, this 50-acre park is the oldest city park in the United States. It's a beautiful place to picnic, play a game of catch, or just watch the world go by.

Boston Public Garden

Right next to the Common, this Victorian-era garden offers picturesque scenery, stunning floral arrangements, and a lovely lagoon where the iconic Swan Boats paddle around.


Inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library, step into the three-story, stained-glass globe and see the world from a different perspective. Literally walk through the world in this unique and enlightening attraction.

Quincy Market

Located in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, this historic building houses food stalls, restaurants, and shops. Whether you're hunting for souvenirs or craving clam chowder, this is the place to be.

Boston’s museum marvels

Curious citizens, let’s dig a bit deeper into Boston’s culture and history. We’ve summed up the 5 must-see museums in Boston that make stories come alive. Let's unravel the secrets!

Museum of Fine Arts

Home to one of the most comprehensive art collections in the world, this museum's highlights include ancient Egyptian treasures, Impressionist masterpieces, and contemporary works.

Museum of Science

With its trove of interactive exhibits, breathtaking planetarium shows, and cool science-y stuff that'll make you feel smarter just by being there, you'll wonder why you haven't booked a visit sooner - get your geek on!

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

A Venetian palace in the heart of Boston! This museum is a treasure trove of art, but the building itself, with its lovely courtyard, is just as captivating. And then there's the infamous unsolved art heist...

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

A truly immersive experience that takes you back to that fateful night in 1773. Throw tea overboard, meet the colonists, and fully engage in this pivotal moment in American history.

USS Constitution Museum

Forget the usual, and dive into maritime history at the Charlestown Navy Yard, where 'Old Ironsides' sails through time. It's not just a museum visit, it's a nautical adventure that redefines your Boston trip.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Trade ordinary for extraordinary at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, your backstage pass to the life, legacy, and presidential rollercoaster of JFK. From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Space Race, this isn't just history - it's a gripping story that you're about to walk into.

shopping in Boston

Glamorous citizens, time for some retail-therapy. Boston is a treasure chest of retail delights - from swanky high-street brands to quirky, indie finds. For all you shopaholics, we're playing matchmaker with Boston’s retail scene. Newbury Street, our very own fashion walk of fame, is where the glitterati shop. Then there's Copley Place, the shopping utopia that plays host to the crème de la crème of designer labels. But hey, if you're more into time-travel, the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace combines the old and the new in a charismatic blend. And for those hunting down the unconventional, South End offers an artistic concoction of boutiques and galleries. With shopping this good, retail therapy is inevitable!

splashing fun

Getting hot? Pack your sunnies, and let's make a splash in Boston. Unleash your inner sailor with a scenic sunset cruise from Boston Harbor – guaranteed Instagram-worthy skies, or amp up the excitement with a whale watching tour. Ever seen a bus swim? Now's your chance with the Boston Duck Tour. It’s a bus, it’s a boat, it's… a bit of both?

If chilling by the water is your jam, mosey on down to the Charles River Esplanade. Perfect for picnics, daydreaming, and flaunting your frisbee skills. But if you've got sand in your soul, you'll love Pleasure Bay. Pack a picnic, build a sandcastle, and don't miss the historic Fort Independence nearby.

But we can't forget our finned friends, can we? Complete your water-filled extravaganza at the New England Aquarium. It's not just about the fish, though they're pretty great. Penguins, seals, turtles, oh my! It's a splash of education, a dash of awe, and a whole lot of fun. Now that's what we call making a splash!

Fancy a little more action? Then the Boston Harbor Islands are calling your name. Grab a ferry, pack your spirit of adventure for hiking, camping, and a game of 'who-can-spot-the-most-seagulls'. Water you waiting for? Let's dive in!

sports legacy

Sports fanatics, get ready to high-five your way through Boston's electrifying sports scene– so much more than just games, we're talking a 360-degree, popcorn-in-hand, 'I-was-there-when-it-happened' kind of experience.

First up, TD Garden - home to the legendary Boston Celtics and Bruins. Picture over 200 events each year, the echo of fan chants bouncing off the walls, the palpable electric energy. It's like the city's heartbeat turned up to eleven.

And then, oh boy, we have Fenway Park. It’s not just a baseball stadium, it's THE baseball stadium, steeped in such rich history that you can almost taste it on the tip of your tongue. Come for the Red Sox game, stay for the stories, and live the iconic 'baseball day' dream.

festivals and events

Oh boy, does Boston know how to throw a party! We've got a stellar lineup of events and festivals that turn our city streets into one big, never-ending celebration. So, grab your party hats and dancing shoes and let's get this Boston bash started!

The Boston Marathon

Here's your chance to cheer on folks running the oldest annual marathon in the world every April! Not a runner? That's fine – you can participate in the sport of cheering from the sidelines. It's just as exhilarating, trust us!

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Go green in March as South Boston morphs into a giant Irish jamboree. Expect a sea of shamrock-clad revellers, parades, and lots of Guinness. Who needs a pot of gold when you've got all this?

Boston Pride Parade

June brings out a rainbow riot in Boston. Our Pride Parade is a celebration of love, acceptance, and all the colors of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Pack your most fabulous outfit and get ready to strut your stuff!

Boston Harborfest

When it's July, it's time for Boston Harborfest. We're talking historic reenactments, walking tours, concerts, and fireworks – all with a scenic waterfront backdrop. Oh, and did we mention the food? Prepare your taste buds for a revolution!

And there you have it, party citizens! That's just a taste of Boston's calendar of fun, each event as vibrant and unique as our beloved city. Whether you're here for the marathons, parades, or food fests, we've got you covered. So, sync up your schedules and get ready to party, Boston-style! No matter the season, our city knows how to celebrate.

Boston’s foodie heaven

Citizens, prepare your stomach. Because we’re gonna take you on a whirlwind through Boston’s best food. Boston’s food range is as rich as the clam chowder. Speaking of which, let's start with that quintessential creamy delight. Think of plump clams, cubed potatoes, and onions, all doing a flavor dance in a creamy soup – it's like a cozy, warm cuddle for your taste buds! For the best of the best, waltz over to Union Oyster House or Neptune Oyster, and get slurping!

Still hungry? Let's move onto a local seafood star – the lobster roll. Here in Boston, we roll deep. These aren't just any old sandwiches, oh no! We're talking fresh, juicy lobster, lightly tossed in mayo, piled high on a buttered, toasted roll. Grab a napkin and head over to Pauli's or James Hook & Co. Warning: you may develop a lobster crush.

And now, it's time for the sweet stuff! First up, Boston Cream Pie. But plot twist, it's not a pie at all; it's a cake – a glorious sponge cake filled with creamy custard and topped with a glossy layer of chocolate ganache. To sample this heavenly creation, head over to its birthplace, Omni Parker House, or try the beloved version at Mike's Pastry.

Lastly, prepare your taste buds for an Italian treat – the cannoli. Crispy pastry tubes, filled with sweet, creamy ricotta... Mamma mia, it's amore at first bite! The best place for this Italian indulgence? Boston's North End. It's cannoli central here, folks. You'll be saying "leave the gun, take the cannoli" in no time.

getting around in Boston

Touch down at Boston Logan International Airport, and you're a breezy 8-mile jaunt from the heart of downtown. No worries if you didn't call shotgun on a taxi, hop on the Silver Line bus to South Station and catch a Red Line subway connection.

Want to be a road tripper? Buses and trains are at your service. Amtrak, Greyhound, and Megabus have your back with regular rides into Beantown.

While roaming around Boston, play the local and chat up a storm in Bostonian. Get your fix of the "T" - our little pet name for the subway. If you're feeling peppy, Boston's a city made for walking and cycling - credit goes to our neatly arranged city grid. And for a side of charm with your commute, give our adorable water taxis a whirl!

where to stay in Boston

Ever thought of turning your cityscape dreams into reality? citizenM Boston hotel is right where you want to be - in the city's beating heart. Imagine a city escape with oversized beds, an unbeatable location, and views to die for.  All those iconic sights? Mere steps away! It's like getting served Boston on a shimmering silver tray.

Our rooftop bar? That's the real knockout. Sip on cocktails while soaking in stunning skyline views. Really, it's Boston served on a silver platter. Get ready, citizens, for an unforgettable stay. You might never want to leave!

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