a citizen’s guide to Spitalfields

Spitalfields awaits

Ever dreamt of time-travelling through London? Welcome to Spitalfields Market, where the past and present do a jolly good jig together! Zigzag through a maze of stalls, each bursting with items that have more stories than the British Library. Fancy a hat that screams "I'm an eccentric Londoner"? Or perhaps a snack that takes your taste buds on a round-the-world trip without the jet lag? Let's explore Spitalfields.

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where is Spitalfields?

Just a short walk from the stylish surroundings of citizenM Shoreditch, you'll find the vibrant heart of Spitalfields Market. Located in the vibrant East End of London, 65 Brushfield St to be exact, it's a simple stroll for anyone eager to adventure after a restful night. Step out from the contemporary comfort of citizenM into the bustling atmosphere of Spitalfields. This unbeatable combo of chic stay and lively exploration is ready to make your London visit truly special. On your way to Spitalfields, don't forget to spend time exploring the area around it. For tips on where to go, check out our Shoreditch neighborhood guide.

a quick guide to eat, drink & shop


Spitalfields Market is a feast for foodies, with a world of flavours at your fingertips. Tuck into everything from juicy street food to gourmet treats. Whether it's a quick bite of a savory snack or a sweet indulgence, each stall offers a taste of adventure in the heart of London.


Spitalfields Market buzzes with an exciting drinks scene. From craft beers and spirited cocktails to artisan coffee, there's a sip for every mood. Enjoy a drink in the lively atmosphere of this historic market, where casual stalls and quirky bars come to life.


Dive into the shopping haven of Spitalfields Market, where vintage finds, unique jewellery, and artisan crafts await. It's a hub for those seeking one-of-a-kind items, from fashion to home decor. Spitalfields is the perfect spot for finding treasures and supporting local designers.

a culinary tour

Spitalfields Market is a paradise for foodies, packed with mouth-watering options. Bite into Bleecker Burger's famous burgers or enjoy the deep tastes of Merkamo Ethiopian's genuine dishes. Sweet tooths, get ready for Crêpeaffaire's delicious crepes and The Bread Station's scrumptious pastries. Yum Bun's fluffy buns are bursting with creative fillings, and Sud Italia's pizza, with its spot-on charred crust, is a must-try. And for a proper British touch, Poppies Fish & Chips dishes out a taste of England.

craft to cocktails

Spitalfields Market is buzzing with drink options for everyone. Start your day with a top-notch brew from Grind, or explore craft beers at The Craft Beer Co., sure to wow any beer lover. Wine fans, head over to Bedales for a superb selection of wines. Fancy something different? Leman Street Tavern shakes up unique cocktails that'll catch your fancy. Plus, theres also fresh juices and smoothies for a healthy boost. Whatever you're after, morning or night, Spitalfields has the perfect drink for you.

Need more recommendations?

  • Nude Coffee Roasters is the place to kick off your morning with expertly made coffee in a cool, industrial setting. Enjoy your cuppa in the lively Spitalfields vibe.

  • For a cosy coffee or cocktail spot, The Watch House is unbeatable. Right in Spitalfields, this quaint café serves up fine coffees and inventive cocktails, ideal for any time.

  • Craving something sweet? Dark Sugars Cocoa House offers indulgent hot chocolates and smooth coffees, alongside handmade chocolates, in the heart of Spitalfields.

  • Come evening, The Ten Bells is your go-to for a lively night out. This historic pub mixes a chic interior with a vast cocktail menu, perfect for relaxing with mates.

  • And for cocktails with a twist, The Cocktail Trading Co. is a must-visit. Located a short walk from Spitalfields, it's famed for its creative concoctions and lively atmosphere.

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shop 'til you drop

Spitalfields Market is a shopper's paradise, brimming with one-of-a-kind finds. Wander into a world where trendy stalls are bursting with everything from cutting-edge outfits to retro treasures, guaranteeing you'll catch every eye. Look around for home bits that bring character to your space, like handmade pottery or custom furniture. And for that personal twinkle, check out the jewellery stalls for everything from bold necklaces to fine rings. Spitalfields is the spot for anyone who loves pieces with a tale, turning every buy into a highlight of your London escapade.

where to stay near Spitalfields

Ending your Spitalfields Market adventure and stepping back into citizenM Shoreditch blends London's vibrant day with serene night comfort. This seamless mix of market explorations and stylish relaxation at citizenM means you're never far from your next discovery or a cosy retreat. It's the ease of having London's eclectic heartbeat at your doorstep, ensuring every piece of your city journey is effortlessly within reach. Here, each return to citizenM is as welcoming as the city itself, perfectly positioning you for whatever comes next in your London story.

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